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Forums > Beginner Staff Moves > finger twirling little finger or not???

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Posted:First of all, as this is my first eva post (!) i wanna say hey to all u fellow fire lovers out there! ubbrollsmile also a big thanks to the girl on the fire staff tutorial vid (Xaeda is it???) ure videos have been a massive help to me!! biggrin
Ok ive bin practicing for a couple of months with my single beloved staff, and picked up two broom handles the other day and started messing about (ok i admit i broke the lightbulb as well...lolsign i shouldnt spin inside!). ive recently been twirling through my fingers with my staffs/broom handles and am slowly getting better but i was wondering when finger twirling do you use ure little finger as well as ure others?? This has been a bit of a mystery to me! confused
If i dont use my little finger, i can generally get more of a spin going because of the power of my other fingers, but when i do use my little finger it seems alot more natural, even though the staff tends to lose a bit of momentum, plus plus the staff is less stable because ure little finger is obviously shorter. Is it worth practicing spinning using my little finger as well to strengthen it? .....or could i get a better effect just missing out my little finger all together? what do you guys think/what do you do! :
Please help! i figured if i could finger twirl i would be able to expand my single staff moves, plus have more fun with doubles ubbloco

Posted:I use my little finger, but Myste doesn't. So my answer would be that you can do it either way! I think it might be more a case of the size of the staff, your hand size and your manual dexterity!!!


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Posted:Hi sublimity,

I think staff is more about having good wrist flexibility than fingerspinning, and I use finger spins for flourishes.

However, there are many ways to finger spin.

Check out Hat and Cane

Also search for pen and pencil spinning tricks.


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Posted:Written by: Patrick the Randi Badger!

I use my little finger, but Myste doesn't.

Well how would she? I mean honestly....

I use my little finger. On both hands. and can finger spin 2 sticks (one in each hand) simultaneously - in either direction.

On any plane....

tongue rolleyes

but then I'm a show off biggrin

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Posted:I find that when learning to fingertwirl, it's easier to learn with 4 fingers, as you don't 'travel' up the staff as much (until you get better) , so either use the thumb and not littlefinger, or dont use thumb, and use littlefinger.
I find i loose momentum when using the littlefinger, so i generally use the thumb instead to keep the speed up(if i need it). but in some planes it's easier to use the littlefinger then the thumb. so.... just do whatever you feel comfortable with!
i would suggest learning clockwise and anticlockwise, in both hands, with and without your littlefinger. then learn diferent planes. you may find one way is easier than another in different planes.

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Posted:if ur little finger is strong enough then sure

but ive dislocated mine before from finger spinning with it so i generally stop at either the index or ring finger


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Posted:usully i use lil finger, but not thumb, and use the thumb to guid with and add speed if i want it.....if that helps

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Posted:I use my little finger, I think that from close-up it looks much nicer, my friends who do only 2-3 fingers are considered noobs around here, but that's becasue we are stuiped!

Control both of the ways good, and then just understand which move requires which finger. It helps allot in move changes and things like that.

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Posted:hey thanks for the tips, i think its just a case of practice AWAY from lightbulbs (and people)! man dislocating ure little finger sounds very harsh...... ubbloco