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Posted:I have a friend who is gonna be living in London for 3 months starting Jan 10th I believe. Shell be attending some school there, I think London School of Fashion Design but I could be mistaken. Anyway, she spins Poi a bit and was hoping to meet up with some people there. I told her Id get the word out on here to see if anyone would be willing to show her about a bit. So if youre down, drop me a line here or through PM with your number or another way she could get in touch with you.

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Posted:i'll show her around, all around biggrin

oh damn just realised i will be gone on the 9th, but when im back shes welcome to me ubblol

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Posted:you have londoners?

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Posted:no worries mat i dont mind eather, give me a pm and will do smile




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Posted:Yo homie, how'd I miss this the first time?

Tell her to check out Spitz (in Events and Gatherings). They're a lovely bunch. Hit the Spitz thread for more details.

Speaking of which, if you ever get the chance you should hit up London ICoN. It is the valley of the Poi Gods and Goddesses. I got mad peeps there.


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