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sleeping with angels
Location: anaheim CA usa
Member Since: 16th Jun 2004
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Posted:does anyone know a web site where the have magic trick lessons for free??? i realy want to learn some to intertane the croud before i spin ubbangel


Stream Entrant
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Posted:Hi native,

It depends on what you call magic.

If you are, not into that David Copperfield wire and mirrors stuff, try here

I reckon hat tricks would be a good intro.

Also, do you have some close up poi tricks?


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bairie fen
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Posted:web search with google and you'll turn up a fair old few

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sleeping with angels
Location: anaheim CA usa
Member Since: 16th Jun 2004
Total posts: 508
Posted:tried google nothing free frown


Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Hi Native,

most of the magic stuff on the net seems to be commercial stuff selling tricks and hardware.

There doesn't seem to be any sites like with the poi/juggling scene with tutorials or discussion forums (the few forums seem to be primarily for the experienced).

One of the main differences between juggling/manipulation and magic/deception, has been that most (not all) jugglers are happy to share what they learn, whereas most magicians encourage secrecy.

Which makes sense really, most magic tricks are considerably less impressive when you know how they're done.

The best way to learn about magic is to visit one of the many specialist magic shops where you can buy tricks, books and chat with magicians. There is a information sharing/convention network- it just tends to be geared towards those who show some committment, rather than members of the public with a casual interest.

Also, most public libraries will have a magic section- some of the stuff will be 'childrens magic set' type stuff, but there'll also be plenty you've not seen before.

Having said that, if you do come a cross a nice HOP-style discussion forum for beginners to magic, do let us know smile

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sleeping with angels
Location: anaheim CA usa
Member Since: 16th Jun 2004
Total posts: 508
Posted:thanx dave smile


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