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Forums > Videos > HOP media upload has been fixed Dec 2004 & new media server

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HOP admin
Location: HOP
Member Since: 18th Nov 2003
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Posted:Some videos we not uploadable previously as the server upload setting was set too low.
Some of you may not be aware that this has now been fixed.
We also have a new high speed dedicated server in the USA set up just for video hosting (150Gb/month). This takes a lot of load/bandwidth off the NZ server (100+ Gb/month).
List of uploaded videos
Upload media here



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Carpal \'Tunnel

Member Since: 17th Apr 2002
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Can I just not be the last to tell you how much I think this site kicks bum?


Thank you Malcolm for you ever continuing and unwaviering dedication and commitment to this site. You truly are a disco diva.



Pirate Pixie Crew Captain
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Member Since: 12th Aug 2004
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hug Thank you Malcolm hug

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playing the days away
Location: The Middle lands
Member Since: 19th Aug 2003
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Posted:erm...one thing. Why can't I save any of the vids onto my hard drive? I only sem to be able to stream them. Wouldn't it save bandwidth to let folks D/l them and then each time they're watched it wouldn't have to be from your server. Or of course just tell me what I'm doing wrong smile

Thanks hug

Let's relight this forum ubblove


Location: NYC, NY, USA
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Posted:I have no trouble 'right clicking' and 'saving as' to download.

You crazy.

And again... THANKS MALCOLM!

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Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]


master of disaster
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Posted:thanks malcolm

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