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Posted:Hi guys,

For those of you who have noticed wink ive been absent from HoP for a bit over a month, don't know why, do you ever get the i can't be arsed to go online or anything well thats been me, but i hope to be changing that soon. so anyway ive decided to mark my return to HoP with a post which a few of us start thinking about this time of the year, just curious, does anyone have any new years resolutions if so, what?

Despite the fact I never keep them and can never be arsed its still tradition for me to make some up and 'attempt' some so here's mine (which will probably be edited and the list will grow when i remember more of them so here goes):

1) Get back in shape, have become too much of a big bloater from liviing on a student diet of toast and pot noodle. Not as thin as i used to be isn't that right Cantus!!

2) Stop eating Spaghettit Bolognase (or at least only 1 ever 2 weeks or so), i know this kind of goes in with the first one but well its just so damn big it needs its own section! oh i love spag bol, hmmm im hungry what to have biggrin

3) Post more on HoP, how i used to, i miss all you guys

4) Practise more with Poi, staff, contact juggling and bar flairing

5) Supposedly I need to become more 'domesticated' hmph so thats in there too,

right guys its your turn, so far i only have five, but i guarantee by in 3 days they'll be twice as many, does anyone have any more ideas for mine maybe?

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Posted:going off wills original post Written by:

For those of you who have noticed ive been absent from HoP for a bit over a month, don't know why, do you ever get the i can't be arsed to go online or anything well thats been me, but i hope to be changing that soon.

ive started these past few months on getting ready for next year. ive learnt a lot this year, been so many new places and met so many amazing peeps. now for next year i will do everything, i want to travel, meet more peeps, get to know those i already do better, laugh more, do the things i put off or have been scared of, and finnaly find a spot on lad ubblol im gonna chill out more!

happy new years for tommz everyone!

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Posted:These were my list of new years resolutions for last year. Excluding the ones to search for a suitable wife, they are all quite suitable for every person to aim to follow this year. Dont let the fact that each one sounds like a vow a monk would take turn you off iether.

I abided by every one of them for the whole year and will continue to do so this year aswell.

Come October 30 2006 and barring mariage or engaugement you wont hear from me for a while as I depart to complete the hardest of last years resolutions.




1. I shall take all reasonable steps (compatible with maintaining full time employment) to find a suitable wife this year. Specifically I will attend at least 12 events in total from at least 6 different groups where the chances of encountering a frugal, spiritually aware and environmentally responsible woman are high, and also to circulate my prospectus to single women widely. These activities are to be suspended immediately if a potential partner is found to prevent issues arising from dealing with multiple candidates. Sex will not be considered without proven commitment, preferably marriage. Should a potential partner prove unsuitable this resolution shall recommence pro rata for the rest of the year.

2. Should I remain single at the end of 2005 and continue to be so upon any of the following events occurring,

Attain the age of 30 years and 6 months.

Become unemployed without an immediately available job of extremely high regard being forfeited if I do not start it straight away. Such a job is defined as paying over $43K per year or being a permanent government job unlikely to be influenced by economic or political conditions.

Have some ware in the range of $35K $40K or the equivalent of 1.5 2 years net income in savings.

Decide its time to act decisively and feel this way for at least 3 months.

Then I vow to spend no less than 12 continuous months full time devoted solely to seeking a suitable wife, possibly in addition to learning skills related to sustainable living and self sufficiency. This shall commence within 3 months of the triggering event occurring. Not more than 6 months of this time shall be spent on native-born Australian women, the rest being used first on Indian, then Polynesian, then Asian or European women. I shall have my house fully ready to rent out and any surplus possessions sold or given away, in addition to any other preparations deemed necessary to enable this to occur, by December 2005.



3. I shall apply my discovery of the logarithmic nature of satisfaction obtained vs number of possessions owned to my daily life. Excluding emergency items I will continue to reduce the number of items I own that are not genuinely needed and in actual use by sale, gift, or natural attrition.

4. Unless exceptional circumstances exist, any item I acquire in addition to those I currently own shall require the loss of an existing one, and its value shall be estimated in terms of energy, resources and social and environmental harm, in preference to dollars. Items directly replacing a pre existing one shall have to prove their worthiness in order to be replaced. In both cases clauses 10 and 11 shall be met first.

5. I shall endeavour to reduce my per capita consumption further thru sharing resources, re using and recycling suitable items, reducing transport costs by better planning, not hoarding excessive amounts of anything such that it deteriorates before use (except emergency items), and substituting low impact activities and materials for their less environmentally friendly counterparts.

6. I shall structure the composition of my possessions so that no luxury item remains in my life until all essential items are secured first against interruptions to supply from likely threats beyond my control, and to conduct my affairs in a manner that greatly reduces my vulnerability to wars, natural disasters and economic collapses. I shall also tell others to do likewise, and to share my emergency reserves with those who genuinely attempted to follow my advice but were defeated by factors beyond their control, provided this does not cause me undue hardship.

7. I will endeavour to consume and promote non-hybrid GM free foods produced in humane and sustainable ways.

8. I shall aim to sware and curse less from now on with a view to phasing out such language in the future.

9. All other resolutions from previous years remain in force, and I reserve the right to strengthen this years resolutions, as I deem appropriate, but not to revoke or attenuate any of them.



10. I shall aim towards living a life respectful of all the physical and spiritual laws, in a sustainable manner should this be possible under these laws. Were a conflict between the two exists, the spiritual consequences shall be regarded as more important. I aim to conduct my activities in a manner that results in increasing knowledge of these laws and to use this knowledge wisely for the benefit of all, and not for my benefit at the expense of others.

11. For each thing I do or cause to be done I will consider the direct and indirect consequences, financial, social, spiritual and environmental, and endeavour to be less selfish and less greedy when making such decisions. I also aim to think in terms of energy and resources, not dollars, and aim to use cost per unit time as the method of calculating costs, and to reduce costs as much as possible.

12. I aim to spend several hours each week reading the bible or doing similar activities, and implement the knowledge thus obtained to improve my lifestyle.

13. I shall aim to reduce the number of things I say or think about that promote conflict or cause irritation, however this in no way applies to those persons offended by truthful and beneficial words. I shall aim to be totally fearless when telling them of such things for the first time, but not to continue speaking to those who refuse to listen the first time.

14. This year I intend to actively target any activities involving my gain at anothers expense i.e. that involve living by the sword. Specifically I shall investigate and try to implement options for greatly reducing or even eliminating my consumption of products that involve the killing or harming of animals or civilians or the undue degradation of the Earth. I shall also endeavour not to harbour hatred or vengeance in any component of body.


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Posted:These were my resolutions last year:

1. Quit smoking

2. Get better and firetwirling

3. Lose the weight I put on around Christmas

4. Donate blood

5. And be more sensible with money

6. Find friends that aren't addicted to drugs...

So far I've done all of them except for one....Quit smoking.

2. I definately improved in firetwirling, and I even picked up poi and I'm getting better at that (slowly) and I can kind of juggle too! ubblol

3. I did lose the weight I put on around Christmas, except I gained the weight this Christmas ubblol I'll work on that soon!

4. I donated blood once, I had to wait until August (had to wait a year because of my tattoo). I went to do it again last month but they told me I couldn't donate ever again because my veins are too fine... frown

5. I definately was more wiser with money. I started controlling my spending and saving more so this is good.

6. It took a while, and it was a difficult time but I managed to make some really good friends this year (including some lovely hoppers) I haven't completely abandoned my old friends. I still catch up with them often. They have cut back so much recently, they are all trying to quit apparently smile

So this brings me to this year

2006 resolutions are:

1. Quit smoking

2. Lose the weight I put on around around Christmas wink

3. Go overseas

4. Meet more hoppers

5. Get a decent job


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Posted:Well. lets see...

1. Pay off all debts
2. Get fit again
3. Practice Poi more often
4. Make more friends
5. Fix up my VW Beetle

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Posted:wink roar - what's your technique for quitting smoking?

how do you actually realize new years resolutions?
is there any special "ceremony" to manifest your resolution (in order not to forget about it?)

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Posted:Right, for once, I'm making some.

1) quit smoking Everything. Already on the way to doing this one. Had hypnotherapy to help me quit. I just hope I can stick it all year.

2) Sort my head out. I'm way too defeatist with myself. this has to stop. Quitting smoking will help this.

3) work on my flexibility and general fitness. Too long have I been Too lazy. Already made an appointment with a doctor about this...

4) Chill out more. I get stressed and scared too easily.

5) Learn to talk to people on thephone. I hate telephone conversations way too much.

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About time to ressurect this thread methinks.

So, what's everyones resolutions this year? Mine is to stop smoking entirely (already succeeded with ciggies, not doing so well on the wacky-backy), cut right back on the drinking (ie only at weekends) and generally try to boost my fairly low self confidence. And to finish my online IT course, get out of my crappy job and sort my entire life out. And find a new girlfriend. And write an album, and start doing proper fire performances.

But then I say that every year. rolleyes

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Posted:2006 was probably the first year i kept my resolution the whole year!

Not a clue what my one for 2007 will be. shrug

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Posted:Ummm for me ....

Finish Uni

Get fit enough to finish the Half Ironman I have signed up to do.....




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Posted:Go to Bulgaria and start some work on my house!

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Posted:Loose weight...

And pull my finger out of my arse so I can get into the uni I want smile


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Posted:oh my, it's that time of the year again and i'm really bad at sticking to mine. i'll try extra hard though...

1) go to south america. i hope to be in chiapas this time next year. it would mean putting my body where my mouth (and heart) are, as it were, and i really hope to do this. but it will mean...

2) living with as little money as possible. which should be doable, i was a student for years ffs! but once you get a job, it's actually much easier to spend lots in silly things.

3) always warm up before spinning! this is actually going to be quite hard, 'm lazy.

4) be more tidy. cleaning my room more than once a month and stopping these strange mounds of clothes forming (they're capable of supporting new life forms!).

and finally,

5) bring down "the wall". someone asked me a few questions that really got me thinking... to achieve meaningful and true relationships with people i'll have to stop being so bloody proud, and say what i actually think/feel.

number 5 would really do me good, methinks, and is a partial reason for the long rant (sorry!).

good luck everyone smile

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Posted:A couple for me - try and get fitter, lose the Xmas cuddliness, be more confident and positive, chill and do more poi!

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Posted:i'm hoping to go swimming once a week, and be fitter.

I have loads of things I want to improve in myself, but I dont want to give myself a hard time if I don't achieve it all! xx

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Posted:1. Believe in myself more
2. Get better at fire twirling (particularly fans)
3. Take on Bikram yoga as well as maintaining Iyenga
4. Put a video together


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Posted:stop smoking everything-realistically not cold turkey but by 2/14/07
move around more
spin more
gain 10 more pounds (yes,really)

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Posted:After trying to squeeze into sales dresses today I think I can offer you a spare 10 pounds faithinfire!

Two more resolutions - must lose holiday weight!

- learn to be myself!

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Posted:1) be an awesome poi spinner
2) the exercising starts tomorrow!




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Posted:Stop smoking, use money from not smoking to get laptop and then go back to uni.

Simple. But not so.

My GF listed one of hers as losing weight... I didn't know she needed to...

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Posted:i made a resolution this time last year and..............i'm keeping with it as i've not broken it wink

not to make any more new years resolutions ubblol




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Posted:1) Spend new years eve sober... wink kept it and yet had fun...
2) Not to keep up with reckless people
3) Be aware
4) Get (back) in shape
5) Celebrate existence

beerchug beerchug beerchug

Happy new year HoPers

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Posted:And I have to learn Bulgarian.

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