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Running hippy spinning lemming
Location: Scotland
Member Since: 16th Jul 2004
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Posted:Mmmm.... ok so i dont know what this is or what i could do with it, i havent even shown anyone so it might just look a mess but anyway is this part of something i could play with??? confused ???

okays...... done forwards it is like a 3bt weave, but its half infront and half btb, so my right poi would circle on my left side infront of my body, then half circle to travel btb then circle on my left side btb and finish the side 'travelling' circle to get back to the start, with the poi going in split time

it might be nothing and i havent seen what it looks like but it feels right if you understand, its easy to go between btb weaves and normal weaves and this, its prob just a variation, i'm probably just a confuddled lemming with messy planes!!!!
but any thoughts etc appreciated.... biggrin

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Location: Dublin, Ireland
Member Since: 26th Aug 2003
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Posted:i was just playing around with something very similar with double staffs last night biggrin

no idea what it's called though...

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Location: London, UK
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Posted:Don't think it has a name, but it sounds a bit like a full waist wrap where one poi goes in front and one BTB through the move.

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playing the days away
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Posted:yup, or as I was thinkin, it sounds like a waist wrap but your body is turned 90 degrees the wrong way.

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annoying boy
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Posted:hmm... i've never seen a good description of the waistwrap.... better go searching.... ubbidea

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Location: Dublin, Ireland
Member Since: 26th Aug 2003
Total posts: 1459
Posted:it's not quite a waistwrap. dunc is right, your facing the wrong way for it to be a real waistwrap.

whatever it is, it requires some serious twisting and stretching, with staffs anyway.....

My mind not only wanders, it sometimes leaves completely smile

Stream Entrant
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Posted:They sound familiar.

I think I know them as hip coffee grinders

Use the following hand to link up in-front and behing-the-back waist wraps.

Try one up and one down, then cross to the other side.

For information on waist wraps and lots more see the "club spinning thread" in the other toys section. We have All the answers wink

Im just about to do the disco version of waist wraps.


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