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Posted:I did a show at the weekend.

It was quite good.

Last weekend for the Bristol Harbourside Festival me and 2 of my friends organised something rather special.

We decorated a Fire Boat (one that squirts water to put out fires) with poles with burning wick on the end all around the edge. Pyrotechnic strobe flares and comets off the stern. Glowstick balloons were released into the sky as we travelled down the river.

As the boat turned to face the crowds i did firework poi (Human catherine wheel) on a raised platform at the front.

I then climbed into a cage lowered by a dockside industrial crane and was lifted 100 feet above the water with Waterfall stye pyros off the bottom of the cage.

My two friends did magnesium flare and titanium fountain swinging off two other cranes either side, as the main ariel fireworks went off from a roof behind us.

We ended the show with more glowstick balloons floating off into the distance...

The view from the cage was amazing, the whole of the dockside was rammed with people, i estimate 10-20 thousand people.

It was massive.

If only i could do that every week.

Did anyone see Group F. in Brighton a couple of months back?

I love my job sometimes.

We are planning a much bigger show for next year,

*Axis returns to secret underground laboratory to make plans*

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nice one
You legend. Sounds amazing. PHwaaarr
Got any pics comming?
You got to warn us when you got one of your big shows happening.
Theres a few people here who whanna watch your stuff.

Be cool


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Posted:Sounds awe inspiring! Very jealous!
As glass says, sometime let us know when this ultra cool stuff happens!


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