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Posted:ive been reading a couple of the threads listed in the poi section and keep on comming across referals to THE BASSMAN
who is this poi legendary figure?
apparently he is ace at colour changing wraps, realeases and throws, jumping and acrobatic move with poi... is he one of the best? oh, and he likes ball grips.
he doesnt post here anymore..... but why not? who knows him?

on another topic, should this site have like a hall of fame, for the real kick ass? i hear shibaki is amazing and bender_the_offender knows just about every possible flamming weapon ever created (go hurty!). so lets hear it for the hall of flame fame.!!??

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Posted:i was wondering where bassman's website went, i'd like to see some more of his vids..

and yeah, a Hall of Flame Fame would be nice!
or a Shibaki: behind the flame video...


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Posted:i think the problem with putting firetwirlers on a pedastal is that they'd burn the pedastal down.

unless the pedastal was made of adamantium, then only Apocalypse will deter firefandom.

adulation is difficult for some of the best firetwirlers i've seen as they often are endearingly humble umassuming sort. for example the best poi twiler I know (Earthdreamer) has not once ever proclaimed her skillz, she just twirls with grace n smiles.

IF there was a hall of fame, it would be enlightening to know the background and nature of the enthusiasm that develops such leetness.
humility dispels

like a mongoose to a snake.

..or is that the snake to the mongoose?
/runs off to evil petting zoo to check

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