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Posted:Does anyone know any links to sites with good tutorials on staff being used as a weapon?

I do jujitsu and my mate has just orderred 2 swords to dual wield, im getting jelous lol and want a new staff but also want to know how to tie it in with my martial arts training. Because of the way my classes are taught we don't often do staff work so any useful links would be a great help cheers.

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They both have good movies of staff form as practiced originally
I've found if u want something more similar to staff twirling research Spear movements as they add they spining of the staff/spear more often to give a flare/distraction to opposition some of the moves r good... There is also a tai chi forms that incorperates the stick.

im actually thinking of joining a capoeira class to add to my fire technique

with a broomstick or something similar try moves that where ur grip is at the end of the stick it's quite nice swinging motions and can b used as quite successful attacks not only that they fit in with a normal twirling rountine if u have one however i wouldnt involve this technique with fire as i've burnt my hand many a time trying to show off



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Posted:im only now learning and ive been playing about and you can get away with spinning near one end at the end of the burn so just wait til then and you shouldn't have a problem

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