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Posted:Ok..here's a question which i havent found on anything yet. Does anyone know anyone who uses poi technique with long swords? Theoretically it has to work, at would probably look awsome, especially certain weave variations

im thinking of making up some wooden ones to practise with, and see how i go, will probably make wrist straps for safety etc.

Anyway..any views..tips..experiences?


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Posted:Do you mean swords with chain attached to swing them around with? If so, this is usually the same effect gotten from fire ropes. Never heard of anyone actually attaching swords to chain though. If you just mean doing poi patterns with swords, then yes, people do this. Most doubles sword moves are similar to poi moves.

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Posted:nah i meant swords straight...was thinking how it would be possible to hold them, i guess between the 1st and 2nd fingers as youd hold a club?


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Posted:Good thing: safety straps
Bad thing: Decapitation

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Posted:a: hold the swords, no sword form goes between the fingers, thats silly.

b: thants not how you hold a club

c: try 5 beat iso weave with swords, its fun!

d: have a look at hurang (sp?) on soul callibur, hes got some lovely moves.

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Posted:Strugz is a bit nifty with a couple of fireswords.

It's all in the wrists. biggrin

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