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Posted:yo peeps,

Im just starting out busking and I wonder if anyone has any advice. especially to do with one man shows and stuff. Is is better to have a drummer or sommit, a hat girl?

Have peaple busked with fire inna uk and have they had hassle from council, cops ect?

What about banter? my first instint is to get out and make as much noise as possable, but are there any rules of thumb or tips for this, Im afraid of going over the top and offending someone.

what about insurance, busking buckups and the like?

All help most gratfully apreachated.



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Posted:mm, yes. do tell.

ive always found a modest but assertive busker very entertaining and likeable if that helps...


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Exactly right! Well, at least, that's what I find works very well for me.

What turns me off, and usually most people in the crowd too, is an ego. There's huge difference between a decent busker and a showoff.

1. Always play down your skills as much as you can. It's sooo easy to impress people when their expectations are low, and almost impossible to impress them when their expectations have been pumped up to massive proportions.

2. Try to lead the public on to suggesting thing you can already do, so that it seems like their idea. I leave my unicyle standing several metres behind my performance area, and someone will always ask me to do it on the "bike".

3. Avoid telling people directly if things are hard or easy, use exaggerated facial expressions to show when something is hard (look so worried that they will start to fear for your safety.

A great line I like to use is to ask someone if they have a cellphone, get them to take it out of their pocket and hold it in front of them. now, stressing to the audience that what you are about to do is completely safe, ask the guy to diall 111 (911 in that states?) on the phone and keep his finger over the SEND button.

4. Always Always Always Always Always be polite. If somone swears at you, prentend you misheard them, "Oh I'm sorry sir, I'm a crazy duck? Well I guess I'll have to give you my bill afterwards" NEVER swear while working the crowd, and gently ask young children who swear not to do so, and you will win over very parent and business owner within a mile radius.

5. Remember that a number of people may find you threatening. You are spinning fire around yourself at high speed, and may have a less than corporate-looking appearance. Expect some people to be aggressive and frightened when they first encounter you. It's up to you from that point on to be as polite, genial and focussed on THEIR safety as possible, to help change their original impression.

Well, I could go on for another 30 points but I'll leave it at that for the moment...

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a really good post, good points thanks charles.
Any chance on those few more you hinted at?
really interesting.
stuff that I haven't read before




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Posted:as far as money goes, make sure your money receptical is OBVIOUS, because well some people are really dim. I use an empty violin case and only 3 people have asked me where the violin is. Always leave some money in the case, a fair amount but not toooo much. That encourages people to donate. Sometimes they look in to get an idea of what to donate (hint to put in larger change) Kids are always the best to busk to, they always enjoy the show and if you are nice to them their parents give you money. But sometimes they're fast and unobservant little buggers so whatch all around you incase one wanders into your path. Also keep your case far enough away so that people aren't frightened to drop money in it. Yeah thats all my advice. Um city officials i havent had a problem with because i call ahead of time to ask and if they say they're not sure if its legal then just go ahead and do it anyway because you can just tell any cop that city hall didnt even know whether you could busk. oh and thanks charles, those were some good tips i havent thought of.

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Posted:heya inferno, good busking tips hey?
.. sounds like they're good living tips too.
nice one!
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