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Posted:Ok. Before you say it, I have tried to use the Meet Others section. So there .

The problem is that unless you live in the US or Canada, you can't do a search at county level.

Since I'd love to meet up with some other spinners and I can drive to somewhere reasonably close, but can't be bothered doing a new search for each town nearby since there's loads, I thought I'd post this instead.

So, anyone in the same county as me, or even near the edges of the next county?

Thinking about it, I probably should have posted this in the Events, Performances and Gatherings section, sorry. Oh well, I'm sure if anyone objects particularly strongly it can be moved

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Posted:Hey Bovril, i currently goto dr challoners school in amersham, but i live in harrow and i will soon move to chesham (are you following?) so im sure we can meet up sometime. Where in bucks do you live?Im sure weve met up at PIP before. Are you going to spittlefields tonight?

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Posted:E Z Now.

Me and about 10 people are in Northampton one of whom you may know Woody. we season almost every night so how about next Wednesday night.


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Posted:I'm going to be spending a bit of time in tring after the european, at the end of august.

keep the fire warm, If I've got any spare time, I'd like to come play.



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