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Posted:Ok fist off for those who don't know, Scott Petterson was convicted of the murder of his wife and un-born son......and as you can guess the jury has said death sentance......(you can go to for the full story)

Now my discussion is not on the trial, or the sentance, but the reaction of people across the nation. Sense the jury has handed down their dessision, people all over the U.S are acting like they new Mrs. Petterson personaly, or that this verdict in some way makes their lives better. Now obviously the victims family and friends have a reason to be some what happy, or satisfyed, or what ever they are feeling; but what about every one else? Do they realy have a cause for celebration? Is it right to be happy, and say things like "good" or "justice is served" (things I have heard around the office today) over a case that had nothing to do with them? Has the media, once again, forced a situation so far down on us, that we felt like this case involved us in any way?

Now the case itself was regretable, I'm not saying either way that it's good or bad that this man might die now; but is it right for us as a people to be happy about this? Or in essence does this have nothing to do with the general population and should be let alone to for the family, jury, and judge to deal with with out the prying eyes of the media, and in turn the world?

Again, this is not a disscusion over wether the death sentance is good or bad, but over the reaction of the public and wether or not it's apropreate to act the way we do.........

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