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Posted:lastnight, friday dec. 10th, i had just gotten myself a samich from Mc D's and a red bull...was on my way to a party, to try and drink a few problems away, lol. anyways i was headed west on sw 89th street here in the city, driving about 50-55. as i come through the intersection, crossing may, at the last min i see a car pulling across traffic into the corner store. i have time to hit my breaks and lock up my tires for all of 20-30 feet, meaning that i hit the car at about 45 mph. i t-boned the hell out of her passanger door, sending glass flying. All i know is that her friend is lucky she is alive, lucky i dont drive a tank/truck or anything taller. the two girls got out with only a few bumps and bruses, nothing that wont heal in a few days. my knee is a little sore, nothing that i haven't doen worse while skating. but now we are both with out cars. totaled both...scary [censored].

so now i get to deside on what pos car i can get...mine wasnt worth jack [censored] so im not going to be able to get much for it. about the only thing that is making this any better is the fact that it wasnt my fault. this is my frist wreck in which i had been driving. now granted i had done other things to me car...but those are longer better stories that most of you have already heard. im a good driver...i drive a little fast some times, but i know my cars limitations...i liked my car. it had memories...lots and lots of them. it knew what it was like to hit a parking garage, it knew how it felt to have a wheel in a river, it knew how to go off roading. im gonna miss my baby...she was cammy the cam cam...and she is no more.

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Posted:I'm glad you are ok man hug

I dont remember what type of car you drove? I like my lil truck btw. It is niiice! ubblol

89th and that in OKC or in one of the burbs like Midwest City or Del City, or Moore? I can't remember confused

Sorry about your car though, but maybe you will find something alil better in the long run and make new memories with it. wink hug

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That must have been really scary for you!

Just glad everyone is alive, and you are not seriously injured!

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Posted:worst crash i've been in was when my dad was driving and we were goin down a hill corner in the wet and the car span out and only just missed a tree.
that was lucky the girls in the other car were ok, could've been nasty.

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