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Posted:Stupidly drunk and violent!

Well i've just not had the most fun night out of my life, I went out with friends etc for an early christmas party/work thingy and all was good until this foreign bloke (will not be racist or prejudice as everyone has a right to the planet!) thought it would be a great idea to start on our group (well the blokes in it) as we all started argueing we got asked to leave understandbly well and any how the story goes on to this bloke ranting and us all ranting back, he then throws the first punch and then it all kicks off tables and fists are everywhere.

The next thing he pulls a bottle and smashes it into my brothers face (he was with us for the laugh!) and cuts (luckly) his forehead (deep cut though) and proceeds to turn round and smack my brothers friend which has now landed him in icu (intensive care) with major swelling to the brain and and massive blood clot he has a very slim chance of survival who as i type has now been rushed to oxford to have all his head cut open to see if they can save him!

This is censored how his girlfriend was still standing i dunno he's a close friend of the family and never deserved any of the violence he did not actually do anything, to see people that can't handle thei drink act in such a profoundly stupid way is unbelievable and this was a grown man who should of known better, and now i remeber why i went through 5 years of being tee total!

Nobody needs to act this way surely (well at least not for good reason!) what are everyone elses views? anyway i'll get off this -> soapbox and be on the ground like everyone else rant over i swear!

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Posted:What did the press make of the whole thing? Were they really bitchy about it?

AAARRRGGGHHH!!! My giant stick broke!!! In two!!! My stick broke in two!!! ubbcrying




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Posted:hi neil was my cousin i didnt know him very well but it doesnt stop me feeling for him and my family i feel very angry towards the bloke who did this and caused pain in my family


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Posted:what did actually happen to the person who did this

was he charged with anything, or was it all "oh he's known for this sort of thing"

cant believe the popo's said that, wankers

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