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Location: Golden Bay, New Zealand

I am arriving in Christchurch Saturday morning and need to get to Golden Bay. Does anyone know the best way? I can catch a bus to Nelson on Sunday in the morning, but don't know anyone in Christchurch. Does anyone have any recommendations on places to chill for the night? Are there any friendly firedancers to hang with on a Saturday night?

flash fireBRONZE Member
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Please check the Meet Others database.

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MedusaSILVER Member
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You only have to create one thread in one board not the same thread in three different boards.

Most people in here surf through all the different boards.

MalcolmSAPPHIRE Member
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Unfortunately I can not help this weekend, I will ask some others for you

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grasshoppahBRONZE Member
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i wont be there this weekend either.

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Psycho_lemmingSILVER Member
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wave i'm afraid i'm not near at the mo either, sorry

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I was gonna say...Christchurch just happens to be the sort of place where...oh...



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