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Posted:you're alone...

and you slam your fingers in your cars hood?

scary stuff.

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Posted:dear god no!!

uhmm. it depends if a have the keys to open it..
do i have the keys to open it?
if so. id try to open the door and try my best to keep my legs from shaking out from under me..
if not..

im really not sure..
scream for help?
cry maybe. pray i go into shock...

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Location: Holiday, FL, USA
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Posted:i was talking about the hood, and not the door..

i mean, it would be kinda difficult to reach the hood release inside the car, with your fingers jammed in the hood....

just a very scary thought i had today.. and wanted an answer, *just in case*

like a "worse case senario" type thing.

the mind gap.
the mind gap.

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Posted:that's why everyone should have a leatherman.
five minutes, job done.

wherever you go, there you are.

Mark P
Mark P

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Posted:I recon I would shout one hell of a lot of abuse very loudly before managing to free my fingers, hell it isnt actually gonna lock down with your fingers in there!

Then I would roll a strong spliff - just for medicinal purposes of course

As for the leatherman comment here is a piccy of what happened to my leatherman (swiss tool made by the swiss army knife people) while trying to fix my poi at Glastonbury. I dont have superhuman strength or anything (well at least no the last time I checked anyway! ) and the damn thing just broke in my hands


Got to send it back soon see if they will refund, if not

Mark P

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Then run into the house and shove my hand in the freezer!!! Ahh the pain is all gone!
Cold goodness!

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Posted:I once slammed my fingers into the car doors, it actually wasnt too bad, I just opened the door again put my fingers in ice and they were fine, a bit squashed but that was it.

I hope you realize how pissed I am.

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Posted:My grandma Slammed my fingers in the trunk once...Screamed so loud, Owwwwiiieee! ....It took her a minute to get it back opened.

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Posted:Thats the kind of thing I always carry my crowbar and welding torch for. But knowing me I'd have left them in my other pants.