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Posted:I mean those gloves where is somekind of fire eating stick on the top of every finger (just like Lucifire has) .. Does anybody knows how you can put that stick to the top of the finger? Do you have any advices or have to I just to try something?! ubbangel

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Posted:well, depends on your glove material and your stick material. if i were doing one, it would be with a leather (or chainmaille, purdy) glove and a hollow aluminum tube.

basically a washer and a bolt going from the inside of each finger through the material and securing (screwing in) to the tube should work fine.

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Posted:just be careful the heat dont travel down the metal with that!

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Posted:There called fire fingers. If you do a search you'll find many ideas. if you don't want to make them, you can buy them. biggrin wink

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cheers, pete biggrin

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Posted:Yep, fire fingers. You'll need:
a pair of gloves
pieces of metal cut to about 40cm (can be bought in coils from hardware stores)
thin thread-wire
strong thread

Each spoke is stitched along the length of each glove-finger, on the outside/top of the finger, then extends a good 30cm from the end of the finger. Will be tedious and time consuming. Balls of kevlar are attached to the ends, using either kevlar-thread or metal-thread (like beading wire). A pixie told me if you're going to be fire-eating, be sure to use the kevlar-thread to stitch the wicks so as to not be putting hot metal in your mouth.

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