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I hate it. Im a good kid, people know that about me. I dont drink, do drugs, plan on ever having premarital sex, etc. I respect women, hold the door open for people, take the carts from the middle of the parking lots to where they should go, tell my parents I love them. What do i get from it, i get girls thinking im cute, but little kid cute. They think im some sort of naive little child thats perfect. They would prefer to hang out with men who will ignore them and treat them like objects. They'll hang with me and think im physically cute, but i'd never have a chance cause eveidently im a 3 year old.I like to go out and have some fun just like everyone else, just because i have morals im simply forgotten. It just makes me want to lash out to show people im not just that sweet guy. And i dont like that feeling that makes me feel even worse. It irritates me to no end and i feel so low right now. I just moved from a big city to a hick town smaller than my old school. I have no good friends here. I dont feel comfortable here. not to mention all the men were huge belt buckles and jeans so tight they have camel toes. Life just sucks...

Im a Thespian, But I'll Act Normal Around You Guys