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Location: Southampton
Member Since: 2nd Dec 2001
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Posted:If you had to be stranded on an island with one famous person who would it be?

I have my own opinion about this but I want to see what you guys think first.

A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words...

Location: York, England
Member Since: 15th Mar 2002
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Posted:why do they have to be famous?

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Location: Medway, Kent, UK
Member Since: 7th Jun 2002
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Posted:I think I'd end up choosing Howard Marks aka Mr Nice.

He smokes some damned fine weed and has some of the most incredible stories ever, he's also just really cool.

Edit - "Quote - Kyrian - why do they have to be famous?" - I think because more people know who you're talking about, thusly making discussion easier.

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Location: Southampton
Member Since: 2nd Dec 2001
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Posted:Kyrian, I guess they don't have to be famous but it's just so we all know the people mentioned and can understand why we respect them. Include fellow HOPers if u like!

A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words...

Location: Charlotte, NC
Member Since: 27th Apr 2001
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Posted:Either Carl Sagan or Stephen Hawking. Although one is deceased and the other probably would have a tough time getting around the island, imagine the deep conversations you could have while looking up at the stars. Cosmologists rock! I'm assuming it's within the rules to nominate a dead famous person?

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Raymund Phule (Fireproof)
Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

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Location: San Diego California
Member Since: 31st Dec 2001
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Posted:*tries to chase out all the perverted thoughts*

Hmm that would be a tough question...

Want to know an even tougher question?

If you were sent to jail for the rest of your life and you could pick one friend to go with you, who would it be??

Now that is a tough question, or if you could assasinate one person with out worries of going to jail or any eternal consiquences who would it be?

also did you know there is a whole book series called "What if..." it is like 7 or so books of nothing but what if questions. It can be pretty fun but my word they can be some tough choices!!

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Classically British
Location: Epsom, Surrey, England
Member Since: 23rd Sep 2001
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Posted:Izzy (Elisze Du Tiot) from Hollyoaks - Hey, you're gonna have to pass the time somehow.

Hmmmmmm, Izzy.

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Liquid Cow
Location: High Wycombe, England
Member Since: 3rd Sep 2001
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Posted:Ray Mears. Give him a few days and you'd be living like kings with all the food and stuff he'd be able to find or build.

Having said that, Durbs' choice would be very appealing

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Mistress of Pink...Multicoloured
Location: Over There
Member Since: 6th Apr 2002
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Posted:If i was STUCK on a desert island i would want a someone who could be able to cook, build shelter, ctach food, know what plants to eat, and be friendly!

If it was just for company. i'd choose my best friend, cause she's brilliant and we'd find funny ways of passing the time.

If i could assasinate(sp?) anyone it would be Peter Biden. He's a friend of my dad's. i hate him for reasons i shall not go into here.

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Location: Southampton
Member Since: 2nd Dec 2001
Total posts: 382
Posted:Hawking, Izzie and Ray Mears, all really quality choices for different reasons, I'd like to find someone that can do all the things they offer but when I roll them together and consider the image of Izzy cruising around in a wheelchair trying to hunt for food well, it just isn't doing it for me!

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A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words...

Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

HOP Mad Doctor
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Member Since: 28th May 2001
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Posted:Either Andrew Weil or Carl Sagan. Both are revolutionaries who are under-appreciated in their own fields, but widely appreciated by the public.

And both would be really cool to talk to. And if we could be so lucky as to get stranded with some quantity of herbal specialties between us, it would be even better.

-Mike )'(
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Location: Florida
Member Since: 20th May 2002
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Posted:I would stay stranded hapily with my other half who isnt on this site yet (lazy bastard)...
My friend in jail would also be my other half...

And if I could it would be Bush in one of his national sequrity discussions, boring I know but I dont like him or what he stands for...

Much love to all, drome



Laguna dude
Location: Laguna, California, US
Member Since: 24th Jul 2002
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Posted:i like Carl Sagan a lot, just met him live and chatted once, but while i'm a big thinker with you about what we're doing and where we're going, exploring, grasping and creating, wonder if i would choose someone more intimate for the one friend, too

depends on your ambition in the universe, doesn't it?

molten cheers,

~ FireMike

FireMikeZ@yahoo.com (personal messages welcome, no promo spam, please!)
Laguna, California, US

Location: Southampton
Member Since: 2nd Dec 2001
Total posts: 382
Posted:BTW, my choice would be the Dalai Rama.

A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words...

Location: Queens, New York (In a little ...
Member Since: 24th Jul 2002
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Posted:I have to disagree with Phule about chasing away perverted thoughts...I'd gladly get trapped on the island with the guitar player Daron from System of a Down...

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