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Posted:i was just reminissing ubbideaover all the things i have broken while poi/jug/staffin and stuff..

3 pairs of glasses frown
a large ammount of light bulbs
a slightly smaller ammount of light shades
drinkin glasses
my mates nose eek
6 devilstix
several swivels, chains and clips
my bloddy aerotech's
dented my van standing on the roof playing

what have you broken/damaged while playing confused confused confused

its all about the fun fun fun fun and more fun...

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Posted:i've provided these as links and not posted the images, for those of you with a weak stomach....

severely broke tibia & fibia on my dominant/jumping leg. I was less acrobatic in the months after this break.

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Posted:lets see:

no lightbulbs, yet, although my mate did soon after I bought my first poi

I've taken several chunks out of the wall plaster in my apartment with my practise staff

slightly broken an iron (it leaks water now when I use it)

one fingernail

oh yeah one monkey fist at falmouth (went flying off into the night when I extinguished it to be recovered the next morning: thanks Durbs! Now currently in use as a fire cj ball by gelfling with its brother after I deliberately broke that one (it wasn't safe to use for Poi any more)

manhood, nose, head, arms, legs have all taken a beating from my Poi at one point or another, but thankfully none of them broke!

Although I did manage to burn off most of my eyelash and give my self a black eye (with soot) just before I went on a first date.

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Posted:The first day I got my Fire Poi, I will spinning them in my mums house(unlit) ... they now no longer have a chandeleer in their dining room ...

Oh, and I have a VERY playfull cat.
He wanted to chase the tails on my commets... he did not win...

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pineapple pete
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pineapple pete

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Posted:many many fingernails from juggling / passing clubs

apart from that i think im pretty accident free smile


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Posted:i recently snapped the end of my favorite spiral necklace spinning poi's with golfballs in the handles,
i was gutted, but it could have been my nose i guess!

ive broken MANY of my mums garden flowers and plants (when i was learning)

My first Fire Staff was made from 2 WW2 1 man tent poles wedged together with the wicks wired on. I broke this on my first burn as it was rusted through but didnt realise!!

3 aerotech staffs (one of these was not me) frown
1 aerotech juggling ball frown
Contact balls and mirrors on the floor dont mix!
finger nails - yup
Many Pint glasses
A Few lightbulbs
A light Shade
I broke the friendship with our nextdoor neighbours teaching myself bounce juggling in our kitchin at 2 in the morning,
One of my housemates clubs doweling, doing bounces of the floor (i am yet to admit this yet, as he thinks george dunnit!)

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Posted:Broke the light fitting, cant use it anymore coz any bulb put in it burns out within 10 min, made a hole in the stealing trying to practice staff with a pole thats too long, and a set of glo Poi. The Poi itself went over the wall and the batteries ended up on the roof of my house.

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Posted:glasses lost count

blubs once

and a wall
canada has paper houses ...well that is what I call them

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Posted:I've broke nothing with staff, Poi, or Diabolo. I don't even understand how one can break lightbulbs (I don't mean how they can break, but how you can break them with poi).

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Posted: Written by: Masked52

I've broke nothing with staff, Poi, or Diabolo. I don't even understand how one can break lightbulbs (I don't mean how they can break, but how you can break them with poi).

one doesnt set out to break things, it just happens...and no one ever really knows how cos it always happens when your not actually looking.

if i could be a busy busy bee...


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Posted:i broke my mind trying to understand how to do whips cathchs on Poi does that count

he he i am mike the amazing gloscircus person who is mike.

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Posted:i broke my freeview box but i fixed it after and i broke my headphones and i cant fix them frown

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Posted:a number of light bulbs
and ive blown the fuse a few times ((but the Poi where ok... so thats fine))
a cup
knocked a plastic cup over spillt water every where
marked a wall
my friend was using the Poi once gave herslef 2 black eyes ((woops))
and i did a weird spin with the leds now my wrist makes a funny clicking noise
thats all... i think
... for now


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Posted:numerous lightbulbs and solar lights

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Posted:I don't spin, but I have seen someone break up a party by getting someone so pissed off with their Poi that they pulled a gun out and fired it in the air, and everyone ran away.

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Posted:i dont know if it counts but In my quest to staff i broke the drain for teh pool pump right off, its a little spiggot that sticks out like 6 inches my stick hit it and it smapped right off lol.


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Posted:A tent pole, and the lovely light in my parents living room.

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