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okay I am a huge NiN fan, so whilst i was at KaZaA i down loaded a 20 nin movie.
i was very happy when it compleated. (yay)
what i found was disturbing and werid and creepy.
not in a regular nin way i mean fucking scary.\
on the mvie contain a few song and disturbing werid things too.
then i found out at school by one of my friends, that one) the FBI: because of the kinda graphic stuff on it (oh shit )the FBI Investigated the movieand its orginallity,
two) NIN stoped making copys let alone saying: oh yea we made this.

But i am very amused but tren reznors song lyrics : happyness through slavery
any one want a copy?


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i'm sure spiral will

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yeah that vid is truly f*^&ed up, if it's the one I'm thinking of, bloke walks into a shed type thing gets mutilated by machine, if I remember correctly it's got mos tof the Broken tracks on, or mixes thereof.

Excellent, but then I can't think of a single NIN vid that isn't utterly amazing.

I would love a copy if it's not too much trouble.

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me too for NIN, trent's for real

what's the url: to find it, please, fireboy?

molten cheers,

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Oh, are we talking about the 'Broken' video? That little machine that the guy gets mutilated by is *the* Pretty Hate Machine, ala the title of the first album. The guy in the pretty hate machine, although his name escapes me at the moment, was very famous in the fetish circles as he would perform tortuorus acts of massachism such as that in places like the Torture Garden in London. I believe it was something such as this that killed him back in the early '90's. I think he had some weird nerve disorder that only through acts that would cause the normal human indescribable pain could he feel anything. But then it's been so long that I may have my facts fuzzy.

I didn't know that Mr. Reznor was no longer claiming that it was his. Or that it was being investigated by the good old Fedaralies. I bought my copy long ago and hadn't looked to see if was still in print.

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yes please would love a copy thankyou please yes thankyou

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cool vid! not so surprised that ya have a copy, sickpuppy! what's the URL? agaiin?

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What is the URL so we can get the video?

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Sick Puppy, is the man you are reffering to Ron Athey, Torture King perchance? I met him at a fetish night earlier this year.

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