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I've been spinning Poi since November, and I lit them up for the first time in January.When I wanted to play with fire happened alot earlier, I was about 3 and I saw a fire juggler/swallower/Blower. I was mesmorized. I didn't know how he could do that without getting burnt. When I went up to him to ask he said he was born with dragon skin. I believed himI always watched fire performers with AWE I always loved the idea of flirting with the raw element.But it was in my mind "thats for the professionals" ( You know the ones with dragon skin ) I went to Pennsic war in August and there I saw some performers at "The Rouge Vs. the Beer party."As I watched them perform, I thought then Why cant I do it? Its not JUST for professionals... I mean THEY had to start somewhere. When they were done I went over to introduce myself..... But forgot I was holding up my boyfriend( he was tryiing to help the rouge tackle thier foe so I had to support him)... He fell down a hill and I had to go help him get up... When I got back up the hill the fire performers were gone. It took me a while to find out what it was called so that could find it on the internet. But here I am. and spinning and loving it!~spryte~

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Originally Posted By: MelissaRhaeI don't want to leave my house with out my poi becasue you never know when you are going to get some down time and may be able to bust out a few moves for practice. Anyone else like that, or am i just weirder than I thought ? lol

I am the same, I spin on my 15 min and my 30 min breaks at work, stop off for an hour or so on the beach on the walk home, an hour or 2 before work on an average day. Also when waiting for busses and trains, walking home from places (more so at night) etc etc. I constantly keep them in my bag or pockets for when I get a few minutes spare.

Prob a bit too enthusiastic, but I am definitely improving very quickly (according to my friend), so I see no reason to stop smile

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Quite the same here.. I usually miss my poi when i've forgotten to bring them along, but then I tend to forget about having them with me anyway when I do have them..