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Posted:I am looking for a firedancer to apprentice with in the S. Florida area, preferably east coast, but once I have a vehicle I will be willing to travel to the west coast, primarily Tampa Bay area and Brandon, as I have family in those locations anyway. I know there are workshops - I helped teach some up north - but what I'm looking for is a more personal mentoring.

If not apprenticeship, I am also looking for someone who would be willing to collaborate on ideas for new techniques, performance logistics, and generally bounce ideas off of in a more one-on-one, or otherwise focused discussion group.
I have a great number of things written down as "to field test" or such, and I get the feeling, strange as it may be, and there are people out there who have done stuff like what I'm thinking before, and I am seeking their input - as well as their flexibility to bounce verbal things about.


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Posted:you should have a PM from me and one from FryedFish....

we are both in the tampa area...

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Posted:Firedancer Apprenticeship sounds cool id love to do it in my gap year

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