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Posted:heya everone..
now that its summer..just wanted to let you all know that wedneday nights in maccabe park there are regular meets for all things fire
start at about 8.30pm, and go till cold, tiredness or bordem hit:)
maccabe park is the park in wollongong behind the youth centre,on church street:)
if your round, head on down:) always fun:)
anything goes, fire play weavesmiley, circus stuff juggle, frisbee..:)

did some one say they saw a flying purple people eater??

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Posted:now it is winter smile and no one place is free from snow and cold smile
waiting for summer in Latvia.



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Posted:just wondering if the fire sticks is still happening in mccabe park and does someone teach poi there?


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Posted:I should be joining in then, and im sure we can teach you poi maryjane

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