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Posted:Sorry if this stuff has been covered before but im pretty new to the site.

Im looking for the best glowpoi around for about 30quid, although with xmas comin up a 50 quid stretch is well on the cards! and yes i am a poor student.
have seen the ones on HOP and but they seem similar. has anyone got any idea about how good the firetoys glow stuff is?

any feedback would be cool



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Posted:My feedback is get balls-u-like rainbow strobe. They're the daddies and they won't kill beginners, unlike beaming balls that go through heads like monkeys through milk.

If you do a search you'll find lots of info, though. smile

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Posted:or balls-u-like LED connect poi... in fact just generally balls-u-like poi. I like them, they sent me sweeties smile

but indeed there are a few topics on this already....

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yay they sent me a chocolate yummy I got the rainbow strobes too fantastic well worth the money


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