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Posted:Throwing is nice. But my problem with throwing is that it somehow "breaks the flow". You have to concentrate and look for the Poi in order to catch. Especially in the dark this can become quite a problem ...
The question now: Can anyone do it or is anyone working on throwing/catching with closed eyes? Probably its a question to the jugglers: are there some of you who juggle with closed eyes, is it possible ?!?



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Posted:Yes I can do my outwards underarm throws with my eyes closed. Inwards throws i find a lot harder. Never tried BTB over the shoulder throws, i'll have a crack tonight and report in.

I focus on pushing a circular beam of energy from my palm, gives a great sense of control, like it never leaves your hand. That one thing improved throwing more than anything else.

I also do all my throws with fire ropes. If there is a little light I have no problems. If it's pitch black it's tricky because you get temporary blindness and can't spot the catches as well, but that doesn't matter too much if your releases are good. The hardest i find is to do throws in the dark when there are blightlights above head height, then it's a complete bugger cos you can't seee anything at all. It which case i stick to low throws under legs cos you can spot the catches looking toward the ground.


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Posted:the way i get round this is just by doing the same throw exactly the same way for a few minutes a day. After a while once you have the release perfect every time the muscle memory will simply put your hand where it needs to be.

This seemed to be the same way with airwpars/hyperloops, i used to have to watch get teh tangle in th same place, now i can do them with my eyes closed. now just to get a whole blindfolded poi routine down smile

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Posted:I know people who can but i find juggling with your eyes closed incredibly difficult. I do loads of throw with poi though so i may have to try them blind.

Hmm ideas...

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Posted:YeahI do some of these, they sound similar but I don't know if they are the same as poipoipoi posted. I can do a TTN type throw forwards/backwards/leftside/rightside west side with my eyes closed. I don't know how long I've been doing them for but I noticed a couple weeks ago while doing my usual practising new move eyes closed. Of course these are very close to the body moves, as for larger scale Id suggest watching some gymnastic or troupe vids and seeing how they do it with batons/ribbons/hoops etc. They throw really far, do a couple rolls, flips, saults and then just stop with their hands out and catch them perfectly. Gits.

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Posted:I do blind catches behind the back only. Makes sense really?
My favourite is the easiest of them:

Inward butterfly.
Right poi over neck gilligan.
Left hand throw from position where arm in straight and horizontal.
At same time or an instant later drop gilliganed poi from right hand.
drop left hand to bum to catch gilliganed right poi.
catch left poi in right hand.

I spent some time trying this gilligan drop without stopping the circles but it's a lot harder than with a staff.
Also with a staff you can do a gravity defying force grab from bum to shoulder BTB without a stop or stall so it should be possible with poi.

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Posted:Yup- I can blind catch my outward throws may 3 out of 5 times- once they're that tight its great to be able to nonchlantly chuck a poi and not even look to catch it, it just sails perfectly throught the air in time and you ctch and carry on like nothing happened biggrin
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