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Hyperloops suck

Member Since: 10th Jul 2003
Total posts: 595
Posted:I just got a call from a friend about half an hour ago. She told me she has a fire gig for tonight, starting at 7 PM (That's in less than 5 hours) for her and a couple of her troupe members and they need a poi spinner. I hardly EVER do paid gigs, so I'm quite happy... the pay is good too, $150 each! I have no time to prepare and very little costuming (Just some martial arts pants, probably shirtless?), but I'll surely have a good time.

The gig is a really cool concept... the person hiring us wants us to show up silently and secretly, spin, and leave the venue as quickly as possible, so the audience doesn't really have a chance to understand what is going on, and we're gone as soon as they get it. Sounds fun!

Sorry, had to vent my excitement somewhere and this seemed appropriate.

flash fire
flash fire

Sporadically Prodigal
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Member Since: 25th Jan 2001
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Posted:YAY clap Have a great time and enjoy the performance. As NYC would say, "just do the weave fast" wink

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Location: Southampton
Member Since: 3rd Aug 2004
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Posted:Written by: flash fire

As NYC would say, "just do the weave fast" wink


What a wonderful miracle if only we could look through each other's eyes for an instant.


Location: Charlotte, NC, USA
Member Since: 11th Aug 2004
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Posted:Sweet, that sounds like a really cool gig, congratulations! I hope some day I will have the skill to perform at least semi-professionally.
For future reference, there are some great ideas for costumes around here:
I usually stick with black club wear, leather and PVC. Anything that does not restrict movement or catch the chains.

"My skin is singed but it heals my heart and with glowing pride I'll wear my scars." -Davey Havok


Hyperloops suck

Member Since: 10th Jul 2003
Total posts: 595
Posted:Gig went very well. I managed to pull together a decent costume, Aikido (sp?) pants, shirtless, some tribal armbands, little big of makeup, and some cool tribal jewelry. 12 minute performance, $470 for 3 performers. Not too shabby. We even pulled together a decent routine, although it was still 'spinjam' style for the most part.

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