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Posted: a friend of mine just sent me this. it's a little.. uh.. flaky? but anyway, wouldn't it be amazing if it were true?

On the day out of time, kin all over the world will be practising this
meditation, your perticipation will help enormously. It doesn't matter
if you are on your own or with a group, we are all feeding this into
the psi bank.

Day Out of Time 2002 Rainbow Bridge Meditation

The Day Out of Time, Yellow Solar Star, July 25, 2002, is now
approaching. This year there will be more than 500 Day Out of Time
events happening world wide - signs that the Day Out of Time has
become an annual planetary day of festival such as has never been
known in all of history. For this reason it is important that as many
groups as possible also hook themselves up with the Earth and with
each other through the Rainbow Bridge Day Out of Time World Peace
The purpose of this Meditation is to generate a telepathic wave of
love that connects ourselves with the center of the Earth, with the
bipolar rainbow alternators that hold Earth's magnetic fields in
place, and with all of the other planetary kin who are doing the same
meditation . By establishing this world-wide telepathic Earth wave we
are creating a matrix of communication which brings the noosphere -
Earth's mental envelope - ever closer into conscious manifestation.
This matrix also provides a protective field of genuinely positive
thought vibrations meant to maintain Earth's resonant field in a state
of harmony and peace.

The goal of this annual meditation exercise is to actually manifest
Earth's Rainbow bridge -the day-night alternators of Earth's magnetic
field - by the closing of the cycle, Winter (North) Summer (South)
solstice, 2012. This Rainbow Bridge is the bridge of peace long
prophesied that will permanently connect the third-dimensional Earth
with the fourth and higher dimensions, assuring a peace and harmony
that will not be able to be broken. In order that all beings may
participate in this meditation whether or not they have ever heard of
the synchronic order, we offer this universal version of the Day Out
of Time Rainbow Bridge World Peace Meditation.

You may do this alone or in a group - early in the day is best, but
whenever you do it is fine. If you are in a group, gather in a circle
if you can, seated on the ground or floor if possible, with your legs
crossed. Take a few deep breaths, inhaling what is negative,
transmuting that within yourself and then exhaling what is positive
and purifying. Then close your eyes. Visualize that you are in the
center of the Earth. Then visualize the giant octahedron crystal core.
Four faces of the crystal end in a point along the North polar axis.
The other Four join at a point aligned with the South polar axis.
Surrounding the giant octahedron crystal is the Earth's inner
membrane, like a drum resonating the surface of the outer Earth. The
Northern half of the crystal has two red and two white faces; the
Southern half has two blue and two yellow faces.

Now you go inside the crystal. In the center of this giant crystal is
an intensely blazing point of white light. An etheric column or axis
of light extends North and South from the blazing center point through
the tips of the octahedron going on to the North and South poles at
the Earth's exterior. Around this etheric vertical magnetic axis of
light, are two intertwined flux tubes through which plasmic energy is
continuously passing. Coiled around each other like the two strands of
DNA, the flux tubes are red and blue in color. They deliver plasma
-electrically charged ions - to the blazing point at the center of the

Strung on the northern axis of this column of light with the two flux
tubes wound around it is the red time atom. Around the southern axis
of light is the blue time atom. The red and blue polar time atoms turn
in opposite directions to each other, the red northern time atom in a
clockwise direction, the blue southern time atom in a counterclockwise
direction. The time atoms consist of seven points: a center point two
points at either end of the vertical axis, and two points each -four
points in all- equidistant to each other on either side of the central
axis. The six outer points of the time atoms are almost in the shape
of a hexagon, a six-sided figure

The gravitational plane of the octahedron crystal, emanates
horizontally out from the blazing luminous center of the crystal,
extending to the the four points that mark the edges of the crystal,
where the four northern and four southern faces of the octahedron
meet. The gravitational plane connecting these four points is like the
base of two pyramids - one pyramid extends from this base with four
faces to the northern point of the octahedron, and the other four
faces to the southern point. Along this gravitational plane exactly
opposite each other are two more time atoms: a white one and yellow
one. These two gravitational time atoms are constructed just as the
the red and blue polar time atoms, except that their two axial points
are aligned with the gravitational plane, lying on their side as it
were and perpendicular to the polar time atoms. These white and yellow
time atoms turn around like paddle wheelers making a slow circular
motion, counterclockwise, from left to right around the central point
of blazing luminosity.

Once you have visualized the octahedron crystal core of the Earth with
its eight faces, four time atoms, etheric column of light and two flux
tubes, then visualize that from the center of the crystal a great
stream of multicolored plasma filled light shoots up in both
directions toward both of Earth's poles. Now you have gone from the
center of the Earth to a point out in space where you are seeing the
whole Earth. While you can still see the crystal octahedron at the
center of the Earth, at the North and South poles the stream of light
shoots out to become a great double rainbow bridge -the day alternator
and the night alternator of Earth's magnetic field made visible. Two
rainbow streams connect the North and South Poles of the Earth,
exactly 180 degrees apart from each other. As the Earth slowly
revolves on its axis, this rainbow bridge remains steady and constant,

Once you have completed the visualization take the whole Earth
revolving beneath the rainbow bridge and place it in your heart.
Imagine the two streams of light shooting out through your central
column above your head and beneath your feet. Now they make a similar
rainbow bridge around your body, holding your aura in place. Now you
and the Earth are one. The Rainbow Bridge of World Peace is real.
There is a science behind all of this. What exists at first in the
imagination, visualized by enough people in a telepathic wave of love,
will in time become a reality.

Art has to be forgotton: Beauty must be realized.

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Posted:like wow man sounds groovy

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Posted:Beautiful!!!!.......<takes another slurp of her freshly brewed mushie tea> maaaaaaaan....I see the rainbow its beeeeeautiful man!


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Posted:/feel tingles in spine
wow man, what an awesome event! imagine astrally projecting as this happens and seeing the energy and spirits manifested! damn i wish my mind wasn't so clouded!

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Posted:hmmm very new age... all there is, is love so y not just express love in all your thoughts, words and deeds. There is no complex process to this. Just express.

step 1. Throw your self at the ground.
step 2. Miss.


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