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old hand
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Posted:have any of you ever come across a shark when you were surfing? is there anything that you are supposed to do that makes them go away? well all i could think of to do yesterday was jump on my board and paddle the hell out of there. it wasn't a really big shark, only about 4 and a half feet. but none the less it was a little disheartening. i just paddled away and told my buddy, then i went inside.

has this happened to any of you all before? what did you do???

anyone got a light?

Location: London
Member Since: 7th Sep 2001
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Posted:Well in England we dont really get sharks that eat you, but we do get basking sharks and theyre fucking HUGE. Even though I knew they dont attack us I still paddled away preet fast.

I hope you realize how pissed I am.

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Posted:Hey Pozee, i've come across some really big sharks while snorkeling and i know the worst thing you can do is frantically paddle away, cause then you're definately looking like prey. Best thing believe it or not is to stay still and stare at them, you become a possible threat and look uninteresting as a meal. Don't know about when you're on top of the water on a board though!
maybe just stick to spinning!

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Liquid Cow
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Posted:I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that sharks can see the electrical impulses made by moving limbs and since sharks can swim considerably faster than people can paddle, it's not really a good idea to paddle like buggery unless they're a fair way away to start with.
This isnt much help though, because I can't remember what they suggest to do instead.
Plus, I know I wouldn't want to be hanging around on a board near a shark, I'd probably go for the paddle too

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Well I've never been in that situation and I'm sure it's pretty frightening But I have heard that paddling surfers look a lot like seals to sharks and so pretty yummy to them... Don't now what else you should do but

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Posted:most species are not man eaters, plus most attacks happen at dawn or twilight, so try surfing at other times when you can. If you're in oziland, then swim between the flag an the lifies will spot any threats quicker than you can say 'Jaws sequel.'
I really liked what nyx has to offer tho! : 'Just stick to spinning'! too right! it's hard to do a Behind-the-leg maneuvour when ya have no legs.

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Location: Perth Australia
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Posted:Even though the first thing you want to do is paddle like crazy apparently thats the worst thing to do. The board underwater really does look like a seal or a turtle therefore very delicious.

I've heard the best thing to do is lie on the board and slowly paddle away. As Bender said the majority of sharks will attack during the darker times of day ie dawn and dusk. Surfing during hte middle of the day would be best.

All the information in the world is not going to help if you panic. The most important thing is always to stay calm.

I have run into a few sharkies snorkelling and diving and been petrified and so scared that I have stayed completely still and they have swum off into the distance. So staying still has worked for me on more then one occasion.

Its a very very scary situation make sure you always surf with a mate in case you do get into a dangerous situation

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Location: Calgary alberta Canada
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Posted:ive never seen a real shark before!! nor have i ever surfed.. i saw a killer whale once! and porpises (spelling?) i think someone should teach me how to surf. any takers?? *lol*

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Classically British
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Posted:Well, my indespensible guide "The Worst Case Scenraio Handbook" (Might be travel edition) says how to defend yourself if they attack.

Go for the eyes and gills but NOT the nose which is common misunderstanding. Sharks can jut their jaw forward and will just take your hand.

Also I saw this cool nature program where this seal was being chased by this biiiiiiig mutha of a shark and all it did to stay alive was simply keep behind it. It could easily out-manouver the shark and it can't hurt you with its' tail, They get tired quite quickly and give up and swim off.

Mind you - I'm from the UK and the only dangerous things we have in the sea is used condoms and the odd jellyfish. And I don't think they've killed anyone yet...

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Posted:When I'm surfing, I just try not to think about being in the water with sharks. Unfortunately, that's kind of hard when you have idiots up on the pier yelling down to us surfers "Hey! There's some big-ass SHARKS right by you all!"

If one tries to make a meal out of you, punch it in the nose as hard as you can.

Another tip...the more people you surf with, the less chance there is of you gettin' bit...you know, with all those other targets around.


If you have one for the road, I'll provide the chaser.

Location: Southampton
Member Since: 2nd Dec 2001
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Posted:There's a few different opinions floating around here so I'll try to clarify them.

As Durbs said going for the nose is not as recommended as going for the thumbs to the eyes, but that's not to say that hitting the nose doesn't work. It is the most sensitive part of a Shark's body and although it carries more of a risk of losing your hand it does work.

Also sharks, like many other predators, dislike the taste of human flesh and normally aren't as interested in you after they've had their first bite. Unfortunately, however, the first bite can often be fatal, so try to take it in the legs if you've got a choice!

If you are surfing and you become aware of a shark nearby, pull your arms and legs completely onto your board, and don't move, sharks go for movement and you have the advantage that their eye sight is actually really bad.

Many mates of mine in oz experience this problem regularly, but with respect and safety in your approach no harm will ever come of you.

I've been surfing for 15 years and no harm has ever come to me, apart from a little Jelly that paralysed my right side for 10 minutes!

A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words...

Raymund Phule (Fireproof)
Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

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Location: San Diego California
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Posted:You know I am not that much of a beach person, the only time I got to the beach is at sunset so that I can spin some fire hehe. I have seen a few sharks while fishing but nothing major. Pozee the best thing to do in a shark situation is not be in one at all!!! But then again you love to surf so do what you must. *shrugs* this is actually a pointless post to get 1 more number under my belt

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Location: South Florida
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Posted:Hmmm...after giving this some thought, I'd be more pissed if a shark bit my $650 Rusty surfboard than I'd be if it were to bite me.


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If you have one for the road, I'll provide the chaser.

old hand
Location: san diego
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Posted:well, thanks for the advice. of course i did not freak out and start frantically paddling, it was slow and strong movements just to get out of there fast. i am pretty sure it was a tiger shark, which are bottom feeders but i am told they tend to attack humans a great deal.

i was not too terrified. but one of my friends told me to push my board away and stay in the water. just seemed kind of silly to do that. but again thanks...

anyone got a light?

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