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Posted:Hey, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a site devoted to Liquid club dancing, this is an awesome site, I think it would be great to add a section devoted to this. Just an idea. I am definitely going to learn this. ~Love more than you think you can, ~Give more than you feel comfortable, ~Share more than is asked.


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Posted:hey shibaki...there were a few earlier threads on liquids - try the search function, just search for 'liquid' or if it doesn't work properly just go through the threads and if you don't find it tell me and i'll have a look too...unfortunately there weren't any amazing sides on liquids just bits and pieces here and there - the best thing i think if you have a fast connection is to download loads of videos of people doing liquids and try to learn from those...good luck,Simos



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Posted:hey, check out and look through their Liquid Pop Collection. they have a couple videos of people doing different styles of liquid at some raves. its kinda hard to see everything too well, but you can still see a lot of cool stuff there. Also look at and go there music videos section. about midway down theres a video called FuManChu and D-Strange. its awesome. download that.And hopefully, when the weather warms up, me and a friend of mine are hoping to video tape us doing some liquid/raving stuff, which we would put up on the web. but thats not gonna be for a few weeks (months?) cuz its still real cold and snowy.Also in look in the Dance Clips Section. there are 3 videos of this guy LiquidPop doing some cool stuff.-Hapes-Nova, liquid raver[This message has been edited by Hapes-Nova (edited 11 March 2001).]


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might help ya-it's only very basic stuff though

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