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MalcolmSAPPHIRE Member
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Message from Mark
She (Pele) is in the Intensive Care unit at Strong Memorial Hospital in
Rochester. This past Wednesday she had an accident during a performance and is
fighting off some chemical pneumonia. The doctors say that she will recover
fine but it will take a few days before her lungs are well enough so that she
can breath on her own. They figure that she will be in the hospital for another
She wanted me to be sure to tell all of you that she is doing well but very
thirsty and can't wait to eat some fruit.

Shocked to here this news .

Wishing Pele a speedy recovery and lots of fresh fruit. Our thoughts are with you.

Much love

Malcolm, Cherry and 7

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we'll all miss you, until you're back in front of the keyboard.

best wishes!!!

AdeSILVER Member
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OMG - Pele, you've had a crap year. My thoughts and best wishes are with you.
Love and hugs,

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best wishes to a speedy recovery pele.

hope you get some fruit soon too

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fluffy napalm fairyCarpal \'Tunnel
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Sending positive healing thoughts. Shocked to hear the news but relieved Pele will be ok.

Sending much love. Get well soon Plel.

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Thistleold hand
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I'm really sorry to hear that I am sending love and hugs and get well soon wishes for Pele, and a big hug for Noah cos he probably needs as many as he can get right now.

Onelove, Thistlefirepixie

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flash fireBRONZE Member
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That's just awful. All my love Pele....

Just goes to prove that even the best and most experienced performers like Pele and Dangerboy aren't immune to the dangers of their art.

Be well.

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CharlesBRONZE Member
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Get well soon warmest thoughts go out to you, MArk, Noah and everyone else who has had the same scare as us here.

Flash, I was hoping that Pele would never be the example she now is, but it is an importnat reminder to all of us that what we do carries risk, and we should never forget not only that., but that we can choice to stop at any point we like.

The more a dangerous act is repeated, the higher the chance that something will go wrong, regardless of experience, knowledge or care taken.

Get well soon, Pele...

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* Is it the Truth?
* Is it Fair to all concerned?
* Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
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Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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that's very rooted. Hope that knowing we care about ya will make ya recover faster.
... is dangerboy hurt too?
/wonders if it can happen to Pele that it can happed to any of us!

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StoneGOLD Member
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Absolutely, stunned by the news.

All my best wishes Pele, to you and your family. I hope you make a swift and complete recovery. The place just isn’t the same without you.

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FlyntSILVER Member
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get well soooooooooon Pele, we all love you!!!

Currently on the right side up of the world.

Kinudin (Soul Fyre)veteran
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Pele! Get well soon! I'm sorry to hear that that happened to you.

Much love and candy coming your way.

DioHoP Mechanical Engineer
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Pele, you're an inspiration as well as a friend to us all and we wish you a speedy recovery!

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Raymund Phule (Fireproof)Enter a "Title" here:
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Pele, like you said, this is real fire, this is real flesh and this is realy stupid! You know your health risks, and yet you preform anyway, that in itself make you a hero in my book!!

Get well soon Pele, your an inspiration to us all and we all love you very much.

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SmallBoy - xCarpal \'Tunnel
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Luv & Hugz & Get well soon-ness.

PS - OMG, few dayz before breathing unaided? = No Smoke?
I wonder if u can get them to put some kinda THC compound into the ventilators???

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Pele, do get well soon. We will miss you 'round here.

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Hope you get better soon Pele

Sending many big HUGZ from me and Gem

more hugs

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MikeGinnyGOLD Member
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Praying for you, Pele. Speedy and full recovery to you!

Be well.


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pantsonfirethe man with the flaming pants
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sorry to hear the bad news, i hope and pray you recover well pele, Like others said you are a hero and an insperation.

It's all good

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Good luck pele. Im not very good at displaying my emotions but I am really sad to hear of what happaned and I really hope you make a speedy recovery. Good luck Pele and I hope they allow you to eat lots of fruit very soon.

When you get back, could you tell us what went wrong so that we can hopefully make it a bit less likely for it to happan again.

I hope you realize how pissed I am.

IdubIHoP Lurker
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sending happy restorative thoughts in your direction.

be well

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Yes, ditto.

Hope you feel better soon.

TwirlyVicnorthern monkey
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Aww thats terrible. Hope Pele is comfy, thinking happy thoughts and wont be deterred by this set back.

Its scary

vic xx

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DomBRONZE Member
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Ah! Oh my! Get well soon.
Another little bumpy patch on the road of life and a bite from Mother Fire that can only make you and us wiser.

.:* Moon Pixie *:.Carpal \'Tunnel
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Sending many warm healing vibes your way! Hope you're feeling better real soon!

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Bad things always happen to the good people...

Get well soon Pele, lots of love and Reiki coming your way!

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nomadBRONZE Member
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All my best to you Pele.

I thought of you quite a bit this weekend as I performed at a RenFaire (Robin Hood) for the first time. It was fun..... but boy it's tiring!

And the state of fatigue brought a few mistakes and bad judgment calls that resulted in 2 scary scenes. But hey, i'm not in the hospital.

Get well soon.


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get well pele!

(also did the same faire w/ nomad and was sick on saturday night, slept completely through a huge party with 200 people 3 feet from my head from coleman fuel fumes just from spinning all day so definitely commiserating on the flaming injury thing...)

y'all be safe out there....

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Get well soon! Hope you have a speedy recovery!

Love hugs from all those who miss ya!

Take care, be safe and be good people, Drome


DJ DantanaBRONZE Member
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That is terrible and brings a tear to my eye. I wish Pele the best and my prayers go out to her. Get Well Soon, Pele!

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Sending you all the happy thoughts and warm wishes my little heart can muster....
Get well soon!

peace & luv,

Without further guilding the lily and with no more ado, I bid you farewell and sweet dreams...

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