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Posted:Where is all the cool stuff? You know like all the hot shots talking about their antispin isolating reverses and inverted hyperlooped thingos... I'm outraged, at the amount of names, and the lack of footage. (and yes I am aware that there may be no such moves as those above mentioned but that isn't the point, the point is so far I've only seen normal spinning, nothing spectacular!
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Posted:dude im still trying to figure out what the hell an anti-spin, and negative space thigies are..............

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look harder - for instance, dowload the spinage sessions off of PIP and you will see many variations of hyperloops, some really nicely done antispin flowers along with lots of other "cool" stuff ubbloco

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Oh right, the other thing wink

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Posted:Even nicer anti-spin flowers in "Dervishly Yers"

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Posted:....there's lots of stuff around, where have you been looking?? Rev is often posting "move" clips too. Have you been into the many other forums too or just HoP?

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Posted:Written by: Trid

I've only seen normal spinning, nothing spectacular!

runs off to watch mr blue in rubbish 1 with that isolated fountain. wink


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