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Posted:Yup, I'm a newbie, but I can only do the windmill for a ffew beats before it ends up in alternate butterfly. I always go into the windmill from chase the sun - is that wise? I just need to get the rhythm right!
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Posted:Chase the Sun is the in time version of the windmill, so there is no problem going from that to Windmill. At this point, it sounds like you just need to practice. If you have access to a mirror, it wouldn't hurt to watch what you're doing.

By the sounds of it, you're doing a "turn" with one of your poi, probably when you pull your arm behind your head, or just as you're about to come back to the front with it. Without seeing what you're doing, it'd be hard to correct it, but try slowing down, and make sure you don't twist your arms or wrist while in the windmill.

Generally, your palms should be facing each other as you go back and forth over your head.

I have no idea if this is going to help, as I find it difficult at best to glean information about poi moves from "written" directions.

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