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Posted:On Sat night a very mean gang of guys stole my phone and purse (then had the cheek to have a go at me when i pointed them out to security!) They had already passed my stuff on to other meanie thiefs so security couldnt do anything about it!!! (although i dont think they wanted the hassle of police getting involved anyway).
Am feeling a little glum about it. They were possibly refugees so i guess they are short of money, but im not sure how stealing peoples stuff will help!
Anyway, I no longer have anyones numbers so if you know me, please get in touch. I should have a new phone soon (same number) but would be very grateful if you could PM me your numbers!!!
Thank you ever so muchly
tatty xxx

P.S. Sunbeam - Im planning to come on Thurs but have no idea of details and no longer have your number!xx

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Posted:That really crappy hug

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Posted:awh - you poor thing - that's really awful.


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Posted:hug that's awful..

Sorry to hear about that

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Posted:so so mean!! ive been attacked twice in the past 6 weeks on the way back from work [crappy area] n only at 5.30/6 ish in the evening, but lucky they didnt get anything n i wasnt hurt. bless ur lil cotton feet - chin up!! hug mad2

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