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Posted:My vid is now up on Soton Fire...It contains some Doubles Weaves- Poi Style and some other random Double Staff Rep.
Look for Jared's Vid on SFS if you are interested.


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Posted:id love to see it but for some reason sfs wont let me login anyone else having this problem?

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Posted:It's alright. Too much stuff you can't do with fire staffs. Some plane breakage and a comedy ending. (what is that stuff, toilet roll?)

Overall needs to be cleaner spinning.

Examples of simple weaves included: Poi style - holding the wicks weave, and butterfly weave.

buzzsaw looks much easier with short doubles...

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Posted:Just a disclaimer about my vid...It is NOT a polished performance vid...just a practice session...I just thought I should say that before someone critiques it as a perfomance...not a performance vid. Anyway, I am not holding the wicks for the poi style grip, and you can do all these moves on fire. ( I DO) You could also light up just two wicks (one on each staff) for variety.


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Posted:Id really like to see a fire version, with less stopping and starting and more just flowing through the moves (but thats just me and my tastes! smile). You look like you know how to twirl but that is lost when you keep stopping and starting. I thought the leg tap to under the leg turn was a good concept, but I'd like to see it with more flow.

have you tried high turn, low turn, mexican weave etc with your sticks? all things are possible; to quote a great twirler I never met smile

Also try holding the sticks off centre but with the longer length coming out the back of your grip and up your arm towards your body. there are some nice combos when you can learn to switch between the reverse grip and the normal off centre grip. I use a finger spin for this but a throw works just as well.

Hope that gives you some food for thought smile


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Posted:great video! your energy is awesome, and it shows in your performance!

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Posted:Thank you for all the comments and ideas...Very helpful. I will post a fire vid soon ..performance oriented, rather than a practice session. I would appreciate any critique or suggestions on a forthcomming vid.


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Posted:nice vid man, some great stuff in there, particularly some of the stops, which look nice methinks!!! again, personal taste!
Would have preferred it without the toilet roll though LOL
Loverly to see someone else doing some between the legs butterfly silliness biggrin
nice one,
PS how many bikes do you have???!

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