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ImmortalAngelSILVER Member
578 posts
Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

We all know once you start twirling, it's hard to stop :P
I grabed a pair of my friend's mittens the other day and broke into 3 beat weave (tried for 5 but they were to short and had no weight) then into a butterfly.
I realized I do this a fair bit when ever I get items in my hands. I've done it with articles of clothing, shopping bags full of food and all sorts of strange items :P
I wanted to know how many other people twirl what ever they can get their hands on.
I know in the Martial Arts world, everything becomes staff or a sword wink
I think in the twirling world, everything becoms twirlable.

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decemberscalmSILVER Member
49 posts
Location: Cypress (Houston), Texas, USA

Once you spin, you can't stop. I spin everything I get my hands on x.x ex: grocerys, keys, chains

At my office I've got two bands of shoe strings I cut up, tied at the end to paper clamps. Works good for boredom attacks.

I've gotten giant lanterns, and spun them on chain. Wow they were heavy, but they lit up and looked like fire poi frozen in time but still spinning ^,^; Bloody hard to stop thier momentum though.

I tried spinning my girlfriend like a staff once, it worked (she's a cheerleader)... but I never learned how to staff x.x.

I am living proof you can practice spinning with beamers every day and still be alive 6 months later ^^. What I don't get is where anyone would ever get the bright idea of spinning an HAMMER or a AXE. That is so much more dangerous than fire. I've hit myself in the face with fire full force, and couldn't care less (got it on video XD). I don't think I want a spear in my jaw any time soon.

26 posts
Location: Melbourne

Hey I tried to spin my 7 year old daughter but she kept giggling too much. It sort of works.... she's a twin so I'd try doubles but my back couldn't take it (and I'm scared of my wife's reaction...)


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RosherrimSILVER Member
7 posts
Location: England

I work as a lifeguard, so I was spinning two whistles. They make awesome noises if you spin them fast enough, but they're really light so I tend to smack myself in the face with them, haha.

6,650 posts

the other night I was spinning massive amounts and after that got home on my Enfield. Unfortunately I got stuck on a narrow road, behind a massive truck... you can't imagine the loads of smoke from his exhaust... (*coughs by the mere thought of it*)

Gotten home I showered for half an hour and then tried to clear my nostrils... they were so congested! confused So with my right pinky I pull one snot out of the left nostril... eeeeeeew some solid matter at the end of a long slimy thread... eek and (you guessed it) with my left I pull the same out of my right nostril... weavesmiley


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Pogo69SILVER Member
there's no charge for awesomeness... or attractiveness
3,764 posts
Location: limbo, Australia

my youngest, isaac (8), spins anything he can get his hands on (staff-like, cos that's his weapon of choice), at the grocery store... celery, kabana, loaf of dog food...

last time we were there in the fruit'n'vege section, isaac was spinning a carrot, while lachie (11) was spinning a pair of turnips (as poi, as they're his weapon of choice)...

strange boys... but then... they are mine...

--pogo (pat) [forever and always]

GeezaGOLD Member
694 posts
Location: Leeds, United Kingdom

my housekey on a keyring.
my packlunch box and bottle in a plastic bag on the way home from work. I usually try stalls and isolations as i just have one thing

plastic bags with something in are good to spin

Tampons would be the weirdest. But also, phone chargers. Tent poles. Punt poles (ahh - good times... biggrin). My sister. A chair. A taser (longggg story!). And some other random stuff.

2 posts

i span with my friends braids in a club once, they were past her knees and she was idly playing them while talking to the barman, i couldn't resist...
-my mobile phone, by its lanyard
-sugar dummies
-pillow cases with bean bags in - made fairly good flag poi!
-two broken plugs after the cat chewed through the wires (they were unplugged, so the kitty is fine ^_^)
-headphones (the kind that go in your ears)
-my dreadfalls

think that's about it! I guess if it has a cord and a weight of some kind I'll probably try to spin it, haha ubbrollsmile

BrennPLATINUM Member
Will carpal your tunnel in a minute.
3,286 posts
Location: Melbourne, Australia

In dome tents you have those long dome tent poles that connect up into one long tent pole and collapse into a bundle when not in use...those are fun to spin unconnected biggrin (until you lose grip of it or throw it and it becomes a giant half connected tent spaghetti monster thing ubblol )


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jarleGOLD Member
Lv15 Ranger
1,489 posts
Location: Melbourne, Australia

I spin teatowels at work. Does that count?


fire.chefcrazy mofo
99 posts
Location: Southport, lancashire

hey i've been known to spin teatowels at work aswell, usually after being questoned by the other chefs or waiting on staff what poi is it helps when there slightly wet and have a knot at the end ive also spun spaghetti till it breaks and flies across the kitchen

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Talon_tigrisGOLD Member
10 posts
Location: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

I used to work at a recycling depot. Sometimes that job got really slow/boring, so I sometimes got in the habit of getting plastic twine and tying that off to two empty orange juice jugs. They were large and bulky, but I could manage to do 360 3 beats, butterflies, and a few other simple ones.

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Fire_MooseSILVER Member
Elusive and Bearded
3,597 posts
Location: Scottsdale, AZ, USA

3 foot and 5 foot pieces of rebar....contact rebar...granted not entirely strange after hitting myself once i put it down.


Owned by Mynci!

frer3BRONZE Member
42 posts
Location: USA

once I tried metal fishing weights tied to the end of a piece of dental floss...

WildThingmiss beelzeboss
41 posts
Location: Zagreb , Croatia =)

mobile phones on their leashes ... 2 leather belts ( that hurts if you hit yourself with the side with the metal buckle... ) .... my dads crutch as a staff ... 2 mice from PCs ROFL.. .. and... two oranges in socks

You make my heart sing..you make everything..GROOVEY .. yeah =) xD

astonSILVER Member
Unofficial Chairperson of Squirrel Defense League
4,061 posts
Location: South Africa

Sinkers on dental floss? Ouchies....

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WildThingmiss beelzeboss
41 posts
Location: Zagreb , Croatia =)

lucklly ..they were not hooks on dental floss ..that would've been a real OUCH :P

You make my heart sing..you make everything..GROOVEY .. yeah =) xD

Mother_Natures_SonSILVER Member
Rampant whirler.
2,418 posts
Location: Geelong, Victoria, Australia!

2 wiimotes on leashes... they are REALLY good for stalls etc. I usually play the bowling game solo and have both of the wiimotes so I can poi in the downtime.


poxe679GOLD Member
40 posts
Location: perth, Australia

iv twirled squid in a bag head fones tied onto tea spoons for weight ummmmmm fones .....hehehe juggled 3 iphones now that was funi ever seen 3 jaws drop at once

AdeSILVER Member
Are we there yet?
1,897 posts
Location: australia

 Written by :poxe679

iv twirled squid in a bag


sounds intriguing

CPlater1BRONZE Member
28 posts
Location: Bristol, Penrith for uni, England (UK)

I've seen someone spin 2 ratchet straps. All around told the person to put them down before someone got hurt!

If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it most probably is a duck!

18 posts
Location: room 12 of nuneaton never was to goood at it

I've got to say that it's so unconteolable n I don't think shop keepers like it to much LOL . But the weirds thing I've spun is a bottel of pop In vertaxe (diabolo)

dont u just love it when ur toys hit ya

Live_in_a_spinBRONZE Member
Dude where's my Poi?
383 posts
Location: neather here nor there, United Kingdom

I have a habbit of doing shopping basket finger spins when in the supermarket.

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but if you fall don't come crying to me!!!

burningoftheclaveySILVER Member
lurking like a ninja with no camouflage..
926 posts
Location: over yonder, New Zealand

my friend and I spun our keys tied to scarves at the weekend in a club, and subsequently lost my USB stick with all my college work on it frown oops!

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Fruitbasket#1 Bender Fan :D
133 posts
Location: Somewheres i tell ya!

Well..Ive turned some gloves into nunchuku. It worked pretty well.

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Originally Posted By: Mr Majestikhear the news about the guy in adelaide on the weekend who walked stilts 20m high? broke the world record by taking four steps.

Rayanyour friendly neighborhood crack head?
30 posts
Location: Tennessee (U.S.)

i took two knives and attached them to chains... swung them around like poi makes a nice weapon. but ehh.. prolly not that good of an idea.

Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
still can't believe it's not butter
6,979 posts
Location: Melbourne, Australia


Laugh Often, Smile Much, Post lolcats Always

WildThingmiss beelzeboss
41 posts
Location: Zagreb , Croatia =)

does it feel good at least tongue2

You make my heart sing..you make everything..GROOVEY .. yeah =) xD

PuffSILVER Member
The Magic Dragon
134 posts
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

I used to work in a menswear store and used silk ties as poi. Doesn't work great but at least they are nice to hold laugh3

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BrennPLATINUM Member
Will carpal your tunnel in a minute.
3,286 posts
Location: Melbourne, Australia



Owner of burningoftheclavey smile
Owned by Lost83spy

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