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Posted:I was eating a tub of custard with my girlfriend last night, and after about 4 spoonfuls, we got the giggles so bad we could hardly swallow! So we were trying to figure out what is so inherently funny about custard? is it the association with custard pies in the circus, or is it just humour in food form? and what are the other humorous foods? Answers on a post in this thread please: this could be a breakthrough in food psychology!! ubbidea

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Posted:humm, i dont know about custard, but jelly and icecream is amusing, and blamange made with pink jelly bits that if scooped just right, looks like a lung,,,, me and emily couldnt stop laughing! BUT ANY FOOD CAN BE MADE FUNNY... TRUST ME!

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Posted:Blamange isn't funny after you've read Chaucer...after that it's quite disgusting...

however I do agree that jelly just makes one giggle!

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