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I was just wondering if there was any HoP'ers in either Iceland or Norway that would like to show 3 (two spinners, one soon to be convert) lovely English people around and pass on useful advice? We'll be arriving in Norway at the very beginning of March and staying for about 8 days. We'll mainly be in the south but hopefully will be able to travel to the north for a few days. We'll be arriving in Iceland in the middle of March and staying for about 10 days. Any help and advice and offers of spare rooms and showing us around would be very very very much appreciated biggrin

Ta muchly,
Beth x

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Posted:um,,, sorry im in devon!

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Posted:There must be someone out there that's in Iceland or Norway, if you help there will be cake.


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Posted:hi, i used to live in iceland for 6 years, hmmm its lovely, what sort of advice u want, i left there a while ago though so the info may not be too fresh

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