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Posted:so ive started editing the footage i have from my time england (theres way to much of it) and im going to put it all onto a dvd which i will be sending to all the lovely ppl who have been kind enough to offer me a place to stay while ive been traveling as a christmasy card type thing.

im also thinking about sending a copy or two to anyone who to see it to then be sent on to the next person who wants it etc etc as im not going to send a copy to everyone ive met off hop cos ive met waaaay to many ppl while being here to even think about it.

so if at some point ive said to you send me your address at some point pm it on over
dunc THIS MEANS YOU ubbloco otherwise ill put the special xtra features of your copy on roscos so u can see it and i know u dont want that

if some kind ppl *cough*strugz*cough* want to compress and host each chapter online they are more than welcome once the final edit is done (hopefully pre xmas cos well u know a christmas card after xmas is a bit lame) smile

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Oh that was so funny! just remembering that makes me crease up!

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Posted:whatever happend to this hu hu hay ben hu hu

te he

before i met those lot i thought they'd be a bunch of dreadlocked hippies that smoked, set things on fire ,and drank a lot of tea but then when i met them....oh wait (PyroWill)


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