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The Real Fryed Fish

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Posted:ok so with the last thing i posted, all sorts of sad and deep, i decided i would post this as fun..............theres no real topic here, im just trying to see if i can fool NYC in to readin ONE MORE post were the title and topic have NOTHING to do with each other............hehehehehe so........lets see how long till NYC reads this and implodes from the topic/subject problem........sorry NYC i had to do it ubbloco

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Delete Topic



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Posted:don't implode NYC,
I'll be cross

but you are going to get an awful lot of people all excited and expectant about fire monkeys
so HoP to it and write them a story before they get here



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Posted:darn, you sure fooled me.

molly's right

make with the monkeys

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Posted:Monkeys! Must have monkeys!

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Posted:Yeah... that's false advertising.

I want monkeys!

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Posted:I have found evidence of a killer fire salamander (they don't actually say anywheres in the article it had fire properties but I am sure it shoots fire out of it's nose assisted by two glands which when their product is mixed, ignites and shoots fireballs to scare away larger predators and also cook their food.

Are you ready? it's scary, cnn even says so. If one thing is for sure when CNN says something is scary, it is very scary and a threat to be considered.

the scary fire salamander from north west of atlantis.


Burning Brain

Burning Brain

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aaw you got that crap from that shitty doesnt shoot fire.

i really wanted to see it spit fire too.


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Posted:durgs did tookin your brains away.

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in the strangest of places if you look at it right.