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Posted:Woo. just got my durastilts today. they were a used pair off ebay. the straps look in decent enough shape but i'm likely to replace a couple.

so, i got 2 problems, 1st: they didn't come with any information on how to operate them, so if anyone could point me in the right direction it'd be helpful. when i walk in them, i'm not noticing the heel-toe movement, and they have a tendancy to bend outward, bowlegged.

my 2nd problem is that they're all covered in drywall mud. would it be safe to take these to a car wash pressure washer to clean em?

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Posted:Hi Thor,

Great that you've bought Durastilts, they are awesome and very easy to do stiltwalking.
I've also bought second handed durastilt without any description but I can explain you a bit about them.
First of all you should have a very good look at all pieces. Make sure you can unscrew every part easily. If not put some oil or so on it. I think you'd better clean the drywallmud by hand with somekind of knive, or you can try the pressurized water, don't think it would harm them. Make sure you can move every part of your stilt, but don't worry to much about the dirt cause you will wear pants......... I imagine.... Make sure the coil springs aren't dry but covered with a bit of oil (don't know how you call it in english but you can use the oil for bicycle's.)
After good cleaning you can adapt your stilts to yourself.
First look at your legs in the mirror and see if you've go O-legs or X-legs. Ahh, you said you have bow-legs. Then at the part where you strap your foot there is a pole. That pole you can move from right to left if you unscrew. Make sure this pole is as close as possible to your leg, so then your durastilt-feet won't touch. Just try it out what fits you best.
Well the same pole should be strapped just under your knee, not to high cause if you fall it will hurt very bad in the back of your knee.
Then about the heel-toe movement. This has to do with the coil springs. You can make them all loose and then while walking you can tighten them untill you are comfortable with them.

Well, you can have a look at or to buy parts at

I also bought a pair of large soft plastic clown-shoes, if you're interested I can explain you how to fix them under your stilts.

Have you got a nice outfit yet?

Well have fun with them!

cheers, Marlou


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