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Mand's Girl....and The Not So Shy One
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Posted:A friend forwarded the following link on to me, and I thought I'd post it here for those of you who might not otherwise hear about it:


Solitude sometimes speaks to you, and you should listen.

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Posted:How can it be about anything else? Do you even know what manifest destiny is besides what you learned in history class?

Posted:And you are still avoiding the question? Enlighten me, oh so wise one!

Lillie Frog
Lillie Frog

not a stranger
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Posted:Big hug for Patrick,

Eat when you're hungry
Sleep where it's dry
No one is ever what they seem
Gabriel King - The Wild Road


remembers when it was all fields round here
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Posted:Glittergirl -

I appreciate that you have written your posts in your own way, as opposed to, in your words "some line by line dissection in a futile ego driven attempt to prove something to someone somewhere which really doesnt matter to anyone anywhere anyway".

However, although your posts do respond to some of the points raised previously in this thread, I don't think that what you've written truly addresses the main points of the concerns which have been expressed and which could have been dealt with more concisely.

I understand your philosophy, but I also think that it is fundamentally flawed in that (in impression, at least) that it depends on the presumption that if someone reacts "negatively" (I use that term loosely) towards it, it is because they don't understand it. It doesn't seem allow for the fact that it can be understood, yet not embraced.

I read what you wrote with interest and an open mind, but, as far as I am aware, my views upon this issue have not changed. Despite this, I would still be interested to listen further. I don't think anyone wants you to say what they want to hear, but I do think that there's still much contradiction in what you have said, in addition to discrepancies between that and what you are actually doing.

"I thought you are man, but
you are nice woman.



Lillie Frog
Lillie Frog

not a stranger
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Posted:I think she's gone. Can we blame her?
I just looked at who's on line. Almost everybody's gone!
Shhh. Sleepy people.

Night night.

Eat when you're hungry
Sleep where it's dry
No one is ever what they seem
Gabriel King - The Wild Road

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada.
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Posted:patrick pick up a dictionary.

Posted:Hmmmm, would that be a dictionary that might define 'manifest destiny' as it would be explained in a history class? You still haven't told anyone how that poem relates to manifest destiny! So if you in fact, have knowledge of manifest destiny that might not be what the 'average' person might have learned, than please share it! Either here, or send me a pm!
I apologize to any reader's for this being off-topic!

Returning to a unique state of Equilibrium
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Posted:does polyrythm (concentration) mean x*y? for example 2beats of weave on one hand and 1beat of weave on the other? or is it something different?

can someone give me some idea? cuz it doesnt sound like anything that new - but then again, I dont understand it well enough to know for sure smile


Help! My personality got stuck in this signature machine and I cant get it out!

Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

HOP Mad Doctor
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Posted:I think of poi as a competitive sport as making as much sense as piano as a competitive sport.

What are the rules? How will it be judged impartially? I don't get it.

-Mike )'(
Certified Mad Doctor and HoP High Priest of Nutella

"A buckuht 'n a hooze!" -Valura

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Posted:I've mostly kept on off this thread. . .however I've read all of it.

I agree with Spanner completely on his points, while I've not commented as I feel quite strongly in several cases about this due to my own personal beliefs of capitalism and consumerism I too am also a semi-professional performer. And Spanner is right in what he says.

As for how that poem relates to Manifest Destiny--the concept is that of the Calvanist's, just expanded. That if you do something and succeed in it, as such your success is because you were "Choosen" by God and as thus, should feel no shame or guilt for being better than others and should in fact take pride and joy in being better than others for you are the one who has achieved what God wants as it was to you he gave such a destiny.

Basically Manifest Destiny on the individual level says--do, take, and have what you please, and if you succeed in doing so it is because God has given it to you, and thus you should feel nothing for those who have not what you do.

IE a "sacred" excuse to be filthy rich, greedy, decadent etc and have no conscience because obviously you have it because you were "given" it by god. . .

Whereas "Manifest Destiny" in the global sense (as Plato's perfect society would have it) is that the World is yours to have, take, and own if you are powerful enough--because that power is divinely given. And as such, if you can take it, obviously that's god's will.

Basically. . . predestination. Whatever you do, is because that's what you were suppose too (ie: No blame ever!).

Jesse Girl
Jesse Girl

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Posted:I'm sitting here laughing at all these posts. I can't believe all the heat this one little article cooked up. Sfweekly is kinda a sucky weekly anyway... (no offennse to the author of the article).

I have two questions, or comments.

One is for GlitterGirl, if she should ever read this. I'm interested in why the author portrayed you the way she did. Was she misleading or accurate? Are you really so concerned with your weight? It seems so in the article, however, in your lengthy post you almost completely dismiss the issue. It just doesn't seem that body image issues are something an author would spend a lot of effort on elaborating. Secondly, are you really that interested in selling (I use the term both figuratively and non) your version of poi to Pop Corporation? You managed to skirt that issue in your novel, I mean post, as well.

Secondly... Manifest Destiny. Ah... what a delightful subject- if we were living in the 1700s! I find it rather funny that all you Canadians are so interested in the subject. Are you jealous cause we got the good stuff? Nah, just kiddin'. I have nothing but love for Canada, afterall it will be you guys who save my ass if Bush reinstates the draft. Any Americans who'd care to discuss Manifest Destiny?

........................................................................Yeah I thought so, none of us give a sh*t! wink



Viva La Pacha Mama!

Posted:Written by: JRabbette

........................................................................Yeah I thought so, none of us give a sh*t! wink



Obviously! Then you wouldn't have written that?

Thanks Phellan for giving an interpretation of how you feel that poem relates to it!

And Astar for sharing your views in pm!:)



Self-Flagellation Expert
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Posted:and i thought i wrote eyebleeders...

no offence intended smile

and i was saying that ages ago, JRabbette. maybe not in this thread, but i said it. its the X factor, i tell you. ubbloco

and astar, did you really need to quote that entire post? sure, bits and pieces, but the whole thing!?

"beg beg grovel beg grovel"

"There was an arse there, i couldn't help myself"

(...trusty steed of the rodeo midget...)
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Posted:Oh dear god, eekmad
Right now I'm laughing and crying with a nauseating combination of loathing and contempt for reading this thread thus far

The loathing for myslef for actually hurting my soul by reading the original article and Her absolute vomit inducing posts later on, I've seen more original and enlightening graffitti on the side of whorehouses.

The contempt is for for The Author (I shan't be mentioning her name) Whether or not you have had issues with your own physical image or self respect in the past is unfortunate.

The blatant attempt to parlay your problems into some sort of advert for your moneymaking schemes, well that makes me want to blow chunks all over my keyboard

VOMIT ALERT WARNING------- This was culled from the original article in the SF WEEKLY:
"listen to her business voicemail (which tells you that she can't answer the phone because she's "out busy glitterfying the world and putting all of the sparkles in the sidewalk that you see everywhere")"

'scuse me please, just a little overcome there....

My opinions are my own, I would not want to meet this person.

The philosophies and views expressed by The Author reflect the worst, bastardised, corporate/pop-psych trash hybridisation that its ever been my displeasure to come across.

You're horribly insecure? fine, but don't foist it off on the rest of us, or try to drag us down into the same sh*t state that you used to be in becuse we are'nt making 6 figures at what we do.


Ps. I saw COL5 before reading this thread and I thought The Authors segment rather weak and messy,
haven't yet watched COL4, but looking forward to seeing the "flowster" in action! (tounge firmly in cheek)


Still wiggling
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Posted:Oops. Hey martin, see you're in good form tonight smile

Lol, let us know when you're back in this joyous country... or at least what you're up to.

Getting to the other side smile


Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Moderator's Note

OK, this thread is beginning to look tired, which is fair enough.

We all have our opinions and are entitled to them and to express them intelligently in this forum as part of an open minded and informed discussion and sharing of ideas.

However if people are going to resort to personal insults to another board member and childish behavioiur then this thread will be closed.

Everyone who posts from now on should have read the GlitterGirls reply in its entirety and show respect for each other's opinions and choices in life.

Thanks for playing nice.


HOP admin
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Posted:I have now closed this thread.

"May your balls always burn"

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