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Doc Lightning
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Doc Lightning

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-Mike )'(
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The Real Fryed Fish

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Posted:that was great ubblol

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Lillie Frog

Lillie Frog

not a stranger
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Posted:Strange, funny and somehow sad.

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My hairs on fire

My hairs on fire

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Posted:Poor things!
but my doberman would look cool with some bunny ears hehe?!

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Hope all is well : )


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Posted:ubblol ubblol ubblol bless those poodles!

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Posted:The ones with the added arms look really surreal....

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Posted:What would those people do to their worst friend?!

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Posted:they were so ... odd. im rather confused! my mum used to dres up her cat and trake her out in a pram. she would just sit there! HOW DID U FIND THAT SITE OR DID U MIAKE IT

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Posted:I do dye my dog for special occasions, but this is unforgivable! ubblol

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Rouge Dragon
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Rouge Dragon

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Posted:You what?! And why?

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

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Posted:ok this is sick,
especially the staffordshire terrier with the bunny ears
i have a dog and the only occasion i would put any clothes on him would be russian winter and -40C, and then it would be just something to warm him up......

and i have seen some punks around town who died their pitbulls pink and green. its good for a laugh and if it washes out easily i dont think its that bad its just like getting the dog dirty....

"is optimism in austria just a lack of information?"
-Alfred Dorfer


Mistress Aurora

Mistress Aurora

Hot Schtuff
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Posted:Thats so sad!

Most of the people I've seen who dress up their pets are kinda...psycho.

I've put a red decorative bow on my German Shepherds collar before just for a Christmas picture. ubbangel

But that's the extent of it...Oh and my bros and I did put a pair of sunglasses on our Maine Coon cat named Tinker. I still have the pic... wink ubblol

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Posted:Dyeing your pets fur is just wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
Did you not know it increases their risk of bladder cancer???

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Posted:My friend has little shoes she puts on her dog when it snows. They're quite cute really.

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