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Posted:hey hey guys, i was wondering if there are a few people going to schoolies this year.....

we should all meet up somewere and have a bit of a twirling session.

im keen for it, anyone think its a good idea?

cheers patrick ubbloco

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Posted:I would. But i'm too young. Maybe in two years time when i finish school...

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Posted:honestly mate. Its not a good idea.
Im not kidding. Espically if you are twirling right in Surfers.

We live at the coast and the amount of times people have been abused by drunks and had FIREWORKS thrown at them at schoolies when spinning, are too many to count.
If you are going to spin come and play at burleigh heads on sunday night when the normal gathering is on and spin down there, its a more 'controlled' enviournment for the art.
Arsn and I are there every sunday and would love to spin with you, but I personally will not be spinning in surfers ANY time at schoolies unless it is a professinal gig with precautions.

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seriously - schoolies on the goldie is mad enough without adding firetwirlers! and by mad i mean insane. it seems to get bigger & more out of control every year. (says me who really wants to go work down there this year! rolleyes )

i reckon if you want to twirl, go visit valura & arsn on the sunday night thing! not only will you have lots of fun in a safer environment, you get to meet those two lovely creatures!! plus lots of others who will probably be there!! biggrin (i've never made it down there...can you tell??) ubblol

whatever you do for schoolies - have fun & be safe! biggrin

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