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Posted:Today started off ok... couple of my friends (only about 4 of us) asked me if i wanted to go to a fireworks display tonight (being Guy Fawkes and all). I agreed as it was free (on Streatham Common).

Anyway we got there, quite busy and there was a fun fair and such. Watched the amazing display... really good! Then we decided to look around the fun fair a bit, was a bit boring really so we all decided to head off home.

So we were waiting at our bus stop, there was some other people there, mostly mums with young children. Obviously taken them out for the evening, and returning home. It wasn't too late at all (around 9pm).

Out of the fun fair about 50 (not kidding - seriously about 50) teenagers from the age of around 12-15 i would guess came running out screaming. We turned round to see what was happening when a firework went off into the street. When i mean went off, i mean horizontally like a bomb or something so it exploded on the ground!!! eek

So we all looked at each other as if to say, "what the... happened there?" Then another one went off to the street again, then one went off INTO the fun fair, by this time we went to walk the other way to see if there was a bus stop futher up. Just as we turned to walk up the road one went off about a meter infront of us! So we ran back to the bus stop were there were KIDS AND MOTHERS scared to hell (as were we!). After another 7 fireworks going off surrounding us, we decided the best bet was to run to up the street.

After running, we walked to the next stop. Just to see that the kids were following us, well heading our way at any rate with the fireworks. We were standing there praying for our bus before we got hit by them, ducking behind trees and so on...

Once on our bus some different kids got on (around 16yrs i would say) then they decided to set off a firework in the bus, so obviously we ran off it...

Anyway eventually got home safe... although whenever i heard a firework i would duck and panic.

I have never been so scared in my life. What IDIOTS set of fireworks towards people? confused Esspecially in largely populated areas with loads of children and parents around? I don't know how long they continued for after we went, or how many people got hurt...

I seriously thought i was going to be hurt or something, it seemed like we were in a war zone with fireworks going off all around us

meditate *calms down and breathes*

I'm still shacking slightly now.

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Posted:What utter censored! it just goggles the minds to think ppl are so stupid. That kind of behaviour cant be dismissed to just kids just being kids as ive heard some ppl put it. They are dumb and deserve it when tere own firework deform there own faces as a permenent reminder to them and there friends tha they have to use there small amount of grey matter. I hope for god that ppl like that dont get into fire twirling :shock:

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Posted:o my god! hope your ok pink! that would scare the life out of me 2... thats so amazingly stupid and insensitive. and i agree, just coz theyre young, doesnt mean they dont know what theyre doing and they should get away with being total arseholes. isn't it ment to be illegal for people under 18 to even be in possession of fire works now...?

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Posted:What a bunch of idiots. Hope yer ok. hug

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Posted:Good to know you got home safe hun! hug hug hug

It never ceases to amaze me how thoughtless and stupid people can be!

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Posted:fireworks are terrifying when their comming at you,
i was a fourth of july part my uncle used to throw every year, it was always a massive crowd, as far as my familie's parties go (at least 150people) and he does a massive fireworks show, so i was sitting on this swing set watching them, an he lights this one, and it starts to spark and then it falls on its side and shot rockets into the crowd, eek, i was on this swing set and i was getting hit by sparks, and the rockets were going off aroung me, really scary, i managed to jump off and run though

you really do feel like your being shot at, needless to say, after this incident the party has never quite been the same frown

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Posted:hug at least you are okay hug

im going to have a pre-menstral rant her so apologies to everyone ... but i really donrt understand why fireworks are sold in corner stores and supermarkets etc!? what i mean is i dont beleive they should be, they should only be sold to people doing large public displays, people who know what they are doing..i mean these things are explosives, you dont go handing out grenades at corner shops do you? i find it all quite bizarre really.

another hug for pink wink smile

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Posted:why didnt you beat the sh*t out of them - if any one of them set a firework near me or my friends we would of f**ked them up big time! stupid kids... just punch them in the head or something. make them chew on the unlit fireworks, anything... make them pay.


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Posted:Nice one FoeHammer... rolleyes violence is always the best way of dealing with things!


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Posted:You should try India around about this time of year. Ask Josh and Katinca or the fluffy one for Indians with fireworks stories.

Erm what everyone else but foehammer said (and the ever violent flash fire obviously wink)

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Posted:Written by: Narr

hug at least you are okay hug

im going to have a pre-menstral rant her so apologies to everyone ... but i really donrt understand why fireworks are sold in corner stores and supermarkets etc!? what i mean is i dont beleive they should be, they should only be sold to people doing large public displays, people who know what they are doing..i mean these things are explosives, you dont go handing out grenades at corner shops do you? i find it all quite bizarre really.

another hug for pink wink smile


I have long believed that fire works should not be sold to the general public.

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Posted:I really can't believe that fireworks are legal...

At our display, we had a barbeque going for a bit of warmth. A firework somehow fell out of the sky (It wasn't thrown - it actually seemed to fall down after it had been launched) and landed in the barbeque, making a huge explosion and blowing the coals everywhere. No-one got hit, but my ears were ringing for hours afterwards. Dangerous stuff.

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I hate this planet some times.

Are you alright? Did you phone the police?


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Posted:Thanks for all your sympathy!

Luckily all my friends and i are ok...
We didn't call the police as there was so many of them around in the area for the firework display anyway! Although they didn't seem to be doing much about these kids!

I agree with Narr, i don't think they should sell fireworks to the general public. (well sparklers are ok though)

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Posted:There's nothing like a great firework display for putting a smile on your face but they are SOO dangerous even when done properly - a guy I know lost his eye a few years ago when we were all playing out in the woods - incredibly dangerous and it stopped us doing it again.

And the ones that are on general sale now are so much bigger than they used to be - those should definitely only be available for organised events and the organisers should have to complete some basic saftey course or something. I'm all for freedom but that includes freedom to be safe

glad you're OK Pink hug

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Posted:hug hug hug

had a firework thrown at me once... it was only little but i wasnt expecting it so made me jump so bad! (again was by a group of kids.... grrr)

stay safe

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Posted:do stupid to chuck fireworks in the ground! but sometimes people are just dumb! one of my mates wanted to let off a rocket in my garden on bonfire night, so I said ok. The dumbass stuck the rocket stick in the ground instead of down that tube thing. He lit it and this rocket just fizzed in the groundeek. Me, him and his bro suddenly found ourselves trying to run through a closed door in a blind panic (we'd just seen these things explode in the air) and BANG! rocket exploded, fortunately everyone was ok, but I had a massive go at my mate. and took the piss out of him all night for that. spank
anyways... glad you're ok Pink hug

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Posted:hug Aww honey I'm sorry

I kind of would of done about the same thing as FoeHammer though. Just steal their fireworks away from them and toss them into the river or lake to where they weren't usable.

In US you can only purchase fireworks during the 4th of July and sometimes during Chinese New Year.

But you are not allowed to purchase any big fireworks unless you are 18+. Fireworks are pretty much banned in city limits and most towns have places for people to go and set off their fireworks while police, fire department, and ambulances supervise.

I've seen stupidity before during 4th of July celebrations. This was way before the popos(cops) started REALLY cracking down on in-city-limits fireworks. My family and tons of others were heading out towards the AFB to watch a professional fireworks display and there were some idiots setting fireworks off on the middle lines that seperate opposing traffic! Stupid people! Some of them were adults as well!

I'm just glad you and your buds are ok, I just hope everybody else wasn't hurt too badly. hug

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Posted:I to too am scared of kids with fireworks.

1.My house got burnt down several years ago by neighbourhood kids playing with fireworks next to our fence.
2. I once went to a public fireworks event at a beach and some kids were firing rockets along horizontal with the ground over the crowd. I got hit in the back of my head and got a huge lump and a lot of burnt hair.
In both cases the kids never got caught by the police frown .

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