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Posted:right i am thinking about upping and leaving this bog awful town and its been on the cards for years. but i have no idea where i want to move to. in the ideal world it would be cornwall, but as we all know its not an ideal world. i need some where close to a city/busy town but not actaully in it, also a nice place to bring the kids up, near the sea, close to woodlands is also very imprtant..... any ideas?

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Posted:Have you considered the south coast, somewhere around Brighton or maybe a bit further east like Southampton area?

I don't mean within the cities themselves, but there's loads of beautiful villages and woods and things here on the south downs... and Southampton's right next to the New Forest (where property is seriously expensive, I know)...

It's a tough one. You nedd to go on one of those moving TV programmes, they'll do all the legwork for you and even negotiate it.

Seriously - consider it! It'd be great and they'll find you exactly what you want!

*I'm just away with the fairies, aren't I?* Good luck though!

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