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Dark Chaos

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Posted:Why is it that you often can't tell people things? They don't want to hear them, or it's not right to say them.

I just wonder sometimes. Cause there are often things i want to say and cannot.

it makes me sad at times.

the night is darkest before the dawn

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sounds like you are going through something difficult where you need to talk to someone you care about but cant?

i've had that, and its not fun. so *BIGHUGECUDDLZ* i hope things get better! xoxoxxo

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Posted:It sucks big fat ones. Just psyche yourself up and do it. You'll feel heaps better afterwards.


the mind gap.

the mind gap.

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Posted:i reckon if something should be said, say it.
if what you've said is ignored, that's not your fault. you tried.
if the person you are talking to takes offence, well, if no offence was intended or offered then that person only has him/herself to blame.

and don't feel sad. if these people refuse to listen to someone who's trying to help then they have no right to cause that someone to feel bad for them when shit goes pear shaped.

everything works out right in the long run. just do what you think is right.

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Posted:dark mind-

Is what stopping you within you?
within your dark mind?

or is it outside of you?





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Posted:First of all sendig you smiles, hugs and silliness to make things a bit lighter

As for teh rest, I totally agree with the Mind Gap...

get things off your chest if you think it can solve a problem / clear a situation etc ...
often we think that we are protecting otehrs by not saying something, and more often it is the opposite ...

hope you'll feel good and bouncy soon

shine on

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