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Location: Perth Australia
Member Since: 12th Mar 2002
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Posted:Just wondering if anyone has any advice.
My boyfriend and I share our house with another guy. He's a really great guy but he just won't help clean at all.

We had a rent inspection this week. My Boyfriend has been away for working all week but he did the outside of the house before he went. I asked my housemate if he could just do the laundry and hte lounge and his room. Knowing that if I asked him to do the kitchen or bathroom it wouldn't get done.

I haven't seen him all week. I had to do the lot last night. Not happy Jan.

Anyway any advice on how to get him to help. Keeping in mind I'm not good at conflict or confrontation.

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Location: mesa, arizona
Member Since: 23rd Jun 2002
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Posted:Well, since he's not been around this may not help much, BUT my suggestion is to throw all of his messy stuff on his bed. That way, he will have to put it all away before he get's into bed. If he's just lazy and throws it all on the floor, you can be real mean and throw a fish under the mess until he can't stand the smell and finally cleans up. <~~~that trick took a MONTH to work on a friend of mine [her dad did it, not me]. or you could just follow him around saying "clean, puh-lease, puh-lease, puh-lease..." in an obnoxious voice until he goes crazy and cleans!!!! can you tell i'm bored at work?!?!?! hope that helps!

-ivy. = ^ )

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Posted:OK when i was flatting we had a guy who was exactly the same!! HE WAS AN UTTER SLOB!!
i got so frustrated with him leaving his shit everywhere...and lther was this trail of clothes that went from his room to the shower...so i started to put all his crap that was lying around into garbage bags...and then chucking it in the garage....that's GARAGE ..NOT GARBAGE...and i would keep doing this until one day he goes ' Has anyone seen my jeans..or my belt or my shoes..i can't find my shit..' and i said take a look in the garage there's heaps of you crap in there..and from then on it seemed to get better and he got the hint hhahah!!

Or draw up a schedule of who has to do what each day/week
hope these ideas help!
peace out

dulce flames
Location: Oceanside, California USA
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Posted:I can relate. Once I had a housemate who swore she should never have to clean the bathroom because the build up that happens to bathrooms with usage-was not caused by her... Her water didn't make mildew in her eyes... Her long hair never got caught in the drain!!! The other two of us were to blame and should therefore be bound to cleaning toilets, drains and more...Anyway, to your question, I agree with Chairmenmeow - (though not recommended the day before an inspection) - Pile up his stuff in his space.. Dirty dishes.... in his space.... And definately, communication is a must... Otherwise it will build into resentment and more problems.... Maybe let him know what you are going to do the next time he makes a mess - and put it where he will have to deal with it.... Good luck!! Some people are pretty sloppy, but I like to think there's hope for all

Location: Perth Australia
Member Since: 12th Mar 2002
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Posted:Thanks guys they sound like good suggestions, putting stuff in his room is a good idea and just leaving his dishes.

We have spoken to him about it. but I'm really not that good at confronting people. I don't want to cause any problems. Even though it causes problems for me. does that make sense.

thanks for the ideas guys

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Location: arizona
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Posted:bound them in shackles and whip them till they perform your will!!!

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Member Since: 8th Apr 2002
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Posted:i had a really bad situation with a smelly flatmate last year. She wouldnt clean ANYTHING ever and left dirty plates everywhere, including in the garden so i would find them when i went out to sunbathe (yes in newcastle!)

solved it quite easily :

waited till there was an entire sink full of dishes, mouldy food, tea cups with tea still in.

Threw it ALL onto her bed.

Left it

Came back from work, house was spotless and had a letter of apology tacked to my door


vic xx

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Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

HOP Mad Doctor
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
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Posted:Ok, instead of being passive/aggressive about it, just talk to him. You can even go so far as to make up a work detail that all three of you share in.

-Mike )'(
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SmallBoy - x
SmallBoy - x

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Posted:Rusty razorblade and a bottle of TCP while they're sleeping...........

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Mark P
Mark P

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Posted:I could make you a fire sword that ought to add a little bit of *persuasion* to your discussions

Anyways back to reality I hope you get this sorted soon - I think anyone that has rented student accomodation has been in the same boat at some stage and I know it isnt nice and as a last resort threatening with advertising the room usually helps but I hope it dosent come to that.

Mark P