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DurbsBRONZE Member
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Anyone else?

(Last day of work today? Me?! wink )

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"the now legendary" - Kaskade
"the still legendary" - Kaskade

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Ever notice when you can almost remember something and it goes along the lines of this [usually when you're all hammered in a pub being wayyyy too loud]:

"yeah! that huge boy band that wanna be really gangster and stuff but fail miserably... oh gods, whatstherename... erm... *a few minutes go by of people trying to think of it... suddenly someone'll blurt out:*

THATS IT! begins with a G!... *goes blank a moment, clicks fingers about frantically*... blazing squad!"


Edit: originally typed tantrically, not frantically O.o
EDITED_BY: FirePhoenix (1099599518)

oliSILVER Member
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mr teapot

Me train running low on soul coal
They push+pull tactics are driving me loco
They shouldn't do that no no no

EveishGOLD Member
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ah... yeah, that one!

What if I should fall right through the centre of the Earth and come out the other side where people walk upside-down?!

Rouge DragonBRONZE Member
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usually I try; get it wrong.
try; get it wrong again.
repeat a few more times, before just going "blergh" (gotta stick your tongue out as you say it like you are going to be sick ubblol)

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

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Arnwyn: what letting me adjust myself in your room?..don't you dare quote that on HoP...

OrangeBoboSILVER Member
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So obviously its behind the condom machine in the blokes toilets...


Duh rolleyes

~ Bobo

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Reminds me of the time when I had to go up to my Dad and ask:

'What do you call those big light things on poles they have on streets?'


'Oh, yeah, ta'

Sometimes I think my brain isn't what it used to be. But then I don't think it ever was, actually ubbloco

YARR! Thats replaced the whale in my nightmares!

SkulduggeryGOLD Member
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I got screamed at once when a driver nearly knocked me over. I was so enraged that he had turned the corner without signalling.

Driver: What the F*** are you doing in the road!
Me: Crossing it you Ass, what do you think I'm doing??!!!
Driver: Geez you F***ing pedestrians *$4%"$$ me oFF!
Me: Well maybe if you had...... you had..... you had...... used those bloody orange flashy lights on the side of your car, I would have known you were turning into this road you jackass!!!!

It didn't have quite the same impact without me remembering they were called indicators.

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heyahoneyBRONZE Member
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ummmm*point at it*
that there
*had help from Summer*

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3. Burp rags are not big enough.

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*unlike the rest of these, a 'gitchie' can be a living creature. "What's that gitchie with the really long neck and the spots? Giraffe, that's it."

**also sometimes used as a deliberate euphemism, as in The Music Man: "If I slipped/And I busted my whatchamacallit/I could lie on the floor unnoticed/'Til my body had turned to carr-/rion."

"If you didn't like something the first time, the cud won't be any good either." --Elsie the Cow, Ruminations


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